New Ways to Energize Attendees: Convention Industry Council

Find out how the CIC used a mobile app to energize their attendees and fuel their event.

The Convention Industry Council (CIC) is a membership group of 34 organizations that represent over 100,000 professionals involved in the meeting and events industry. They are chartered to advocate for the conventions industry, determine economic impacts of events and create best practices for their membership base.

The Strategy Behind It All

In order for new attendees and Conclave veterans alike to break down the walls and engage with the event, the CIC in conjunction with QuickMobile devised a strategy that incorporated social media, real-time audience response and gamification. By connecting people with technology via in-app activities, participants could interact with other attendees, see results in real-time and influence them moving forward.

“When QuickMobile approached us with their ideas on gamification, we were immediately impressed. We were looking for a solution that would not only support our complicated event program, but provide great incentive for our attendees to participate in the event. 60% of the Conclave attendees had not previously attended the conference so we knew we had to do something fresh and exciting to bolster engagement among all the attendees,” said Shawnna Kerns, Manager of Marketing and Communications, CIC.

“QuickMobile offered us possibilities we had not even considered and then went above and beyond to bring those ideas to life. During that process, QuickMobile helped make our event a smashing success.”
Kasey Connors, Director of Marketing and Communications, CIC

Socialize It

It was important for the CIC to have a social presence for the attendees to share. Attendees were encouraged to post comments and pictures on Twitter and Instagram. QuickMobile configured the conference app to listen in on that hashtag and display relevant posts in the activity feed. This delighted the attendees as their comments were instantaneously displayed every time they opened the conference app. QuickMobile mounted a social wall made by Wallrus that constantly monitored and elegantly displayed all the social media posts throughout the day

Conference attendees relied heavily on the photo gallery as a means to socialize their experience at Conclave. Seeing all photos displayed in the app greatly encouraged users to share even more posts, comments and photos. By the end of the conference, a grand total of 551 attendee photos had been uploaded and shared in the app – an average of 1.6 photos per attendee!


Play The Game!

The CIC incorporated gamification into the app in order to liven up attendee engagement in new and exciting ways. By leveraging the QuickMobile Game Center, the CIC was able to award points based on actions performed within the app, such as contact exchanges, document downloads and survey completions.

In order to stimulate lead generation, the CIC combined a scavenger hunt with a quiz for the exhibitors. This allowed attendees to win more game points by visiting sponsors’ booths and asking the sponsors quiz questions. By placing a larger point reward on interactions with the exhibitors, the CIC was able to increase visits to the sponsor booths and provide exhibitors with more contact information of interested persons at the end of the event. This in turn significantly boosted exhibitor returns.

The game winner, Laura Wolf, was announced during the closing ceremony with a grand total of 3070 points. This was rather inspiring as each game activity was worth ten points and each sponsor-related activity was worth 20 points. Laura had completed 232 game activities over the course of 3 days in order to win. In fierce competition, each of the top ten contenders completed the game with more than 2150 points. By implementing the game, promoting it heavily in the conference, and providing a pleasing in-kind reward, the CIC was able to grow the event experience for attendees and boost interactions with sponsors. In the process they were able to successfully fulfill the initial strategic objectives of the Conclave game.


Real-Time Engagement

With a focus on attendee engagement during the sessions, the CIC relied on QuickMobile’s Live Insights tool to hold moderated discussions and real-time polls. During the opening session, the moderator of the Conclave event held a live poll following an engaging session entitled “Leading with Levity”; he had attendees pull out their mobile phones and use their event app to vote on a single question.


On day two of the event, Conclave held a panel discussion and energized it with a live crowd-sourced Q&A session. During the discussion, attendees were encouraged to submit their questions to the panel via the Conclave app. If another attendee had already asked a similar question or if an existing question was also of interest, the attendees were encouraged to vote for that question in the app. When it was time for the Q&A session, the moderator, Glenn Thayer asked the audience questions to the panel in order of popularity. As each question was posed, they were removed from the app in real time. All attendees could plainly see and vote on any of the 26 questions that were submitted over the course of the session, right from their mobile device.

Since the questions were submitted in real-time, a discussion moderator was on hand to ensure that all submissions were suitable for public view before they were pushed to the audience’s mobile devices (including tablets, iPhones and Androids.) The authors’ names were also displayed which further helped to curb the submission of non-relevant comments. The live Q&A session provided a safe and effective way for discussions to be had with a large audience. Since all the questions were recorded in the QuickMobile platform, they can now be used as topics for future blog posts on CIC’s website


Engagement Like Never Before

Shawnna Kerns, Marketing and Communications Manager and Kasey Connors, Director of Marketing and Communications, CIC

“ The goals of Conclave were strategic, tactical and practical and the QuickMobile app tied in directly to them at all levels. The polling, gamification and social components offered up a better way for the attendees to interact with the event itself, made the community closer and increased the overall engagement. ”
At QuickMobile, we pride ourselves in helping organizations like the Convention Industry Council make best use of the event features that we have crafted over the last decade and are happy to share our experience and best practices to exceed the goals and objectives of any event.

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