How Jive Built a Lasting Community of Customers

Jive’s event app inspired hundreds of customers at their annual user conference to actively participate and form more meaningful bonds.

It's All About Engaged Attendees and Meaningful Relationships

Even when you have a captive audience of loyal followers, pulling off a successful live event is never a guarantee. When those attendees are tech savvy communication and social community leaders – not exactly your typical event-goers – you are really forced to up your event planning game. Organizers of the 5th Annual JiveWorld conference figured out how, and delivered a captivating and engaging live event for more than 1,800 attendees that is still being talked about months later, and their mobile event app played a pivotal role in the event’s success.


1,500+ attendees

3-day event focused on social business learning & professional networking

In its 5th year

About the Event

Jive Software is a pioneer and leader in enterprise social networking solutions. JiveWorld is their annual customer conference, offering an opportunity for global users to learn how to get more out of the Jive platform from the company, and from peers. Through case studies, interactive workshops, and motivational keynote sessions, JiveWorld inspires customers to think of new ways for using Jive for their internal communications, team collaboration and customer facing communities.

At the event’s helm is Sydney Sloan, Senior Director of Customer Experience and Social Marketing, and Ryan Rutan, Jive’s Developer Evangelist. No strangers to mobile technology, Sloan and Rutan, brought high expectations to both the overall event, and to its mobile app.

“Any modern conference has to have a mobile element,” states Sloan. “Especially for a company like Jive, since we’re constantly promoting the value of mobile to our customers and users.”


By its very definition, JiveWorld attracts the most tech-savvy, mobile-oriented segment of the workforce: men and women between the ages of 20 and 40. While they come to the annual event as a captive audience, Sloan and Rutan never take their participation for granted.

“We have to make sure our event – and our app – has something for everyone,” notes Rutan. “We have to demonstrate that we’re at the cutting edge technology-wise. Everything we do at JiveWorld flows back into the essence of our business social platform. We have to lead with ideas, with innovations, and with experiences that make our audience take notice and say ‘wow, these folks have it going on’. That includes our app, which has to captivate, motivate and entertain our attendees probably more than any other single element of our event.”

Aside from being technologically relevant, the JiveWorld app would also play a significant part in helping the company live up to its mandate on sustainability. Jive constantly seeks opportunities to reduce waste and scale back on its carbon footprint. Using an app and eliminating the need for printed material contributes massively toward this objective.

“At the end of the day, the app is the single most important source of information and communication at JiveWorld.”
“It keeps people up to date on what’s going on, both at the event and with each other. It helps them network and get connected, and it helps them have fun. On our side, the app helps us project an innovative, fun and cutting-edge image while increasing audience engagement, reducing costs and providing a data-driven perspective on audience behavior at our event. There’s a lot riding on this app for everyone involved,” said Rutan.

“Events are hard to pull off seamlessly," says Rutan. "QuickMobile is a true partner, from pre-sales to post-sales to project to event to post-event. They never let up on service and support, often going the extra mile to ensure success. When I look at vendors, that’s what I expect.”
Ryan Rutan, Developer Evangelist, Jive


After spending a lot of time understanding the event’s goals and objectives, and getting up close and personal with attendee profiles and expectations, QuickMobile, Jive and the gamification experts at Bunchball set about designing an immersive and entertaining mobile experience that was sure to win the hearts of the JiveWorld audience. Right from the start, Sloan and Rutan saw gamification and integration with Jive’s customer community platform as core tactics for achieving their event objectives; it was the perfect approach for their young, discerning, technically sophisticated and passionate audience.

The game had attendees competing for honor, glory and great prizes throughout the entire event, and the JiveWorld event app served as the game board. The core principles of the game were elegantly simple: it would have to be dead easy, even enabling people to participate without knowing it; it would have to encourage continued play throughout the event; and attendees would need a clear understanding of what they were playing for and how to win it. Says Rutan: “The success, or failure, of your game will start with the mobile experience, and will hinge on your ability to keep the game front and center at all times.”

The JiveWorld Game Included the Following Elements

16 game badges plus 4 secret badges earned simply by participating in basic JiveWorld activities. Each badge won earned the player entries into a random drawing for up to 250 entries. Players who collected all 16 badges would earn the coveted JiveWorld All-Star Badge.

Daily Challenges
Instant opportunities to win iPad Minis. Each challenge consisted of 10 photograph tasks, whose completion was measured by sharing said photograph via Twitter. These photographs and Twitter participation fed into the Top Photographer and Top Tweeter prizes.

Random Drawing
A catch-all game designed to raise engagement of the lowest common participant. Entries earned through game badges, sessions, and other means were pooled together, and 3 winners were selected mathematically at random.

Top Photographer
Participants shared their best JiveWorld photos socially. Along the way, participants who shared 40+ photos in the mobile app earned the Photo and Photo All-Star Badges, which earn them more entries into the random drawing. The 10 most popular photos shared socially were brought into the community where the top 3 were chosen by the Jive Community. The top 3 winners each received a special badge and an iPad Mini.

Top Tweeter
Instant opportunities to win iPad Minis. Each challenge consisted of 10 photograph tasks, whose completion was measured by sharing said photograph via Twitter. These photographs and Twitter participation fed into the Top Photographer and Top Tweeter prizes.

Naturally, the app also integrated seamlessly with Jive’s own community platform, the very core of what the company does. Other features including live Q&A, session check-in, photo sharing and in-app surveys became critical parts of the gamified app. The app also included What’s On, a snapshot of sessions and activities currently underway or about to begin; push notifications, which were used to help direct traffic to highlighted events and activities; and in-app messaging, which allowed attendees to connect and communicate with each other through the app.

  • 104% adoption
  • 10,000+ tweets (50% increase over previous year)
  • Top 3 Tweeters contributed 2,634 tweets
  • Everyone in the top 20 made at least 100 tweets
  • 108% more photos shared via app over previous year


Putting the game and mobile app at the center of the event, and extending it before, during and after to their Jive customer community, Sloan and Rutan hit on a powerful formula for success and delivered a truly memorable event experience. Blending in community building and mobile technology ensured that the JiveWorld app was a huge hit with attendees. The tweets, blog posts and direct positive feedback that followed provided ample evidence of their success:

“Thank you so much! I was telling my colleagues that the game series was a lot of fun, but also allowed me to make a ton of friends… Looking forward to seeing everyone again at JiveWorld next year.”

“What an incredible game experience this year which added to a mind blowing set of enhancements and excitement around the Jive platform!”

“JiveWorld has become an “anchor” of my calendar. It’s a great, informative and fun event and the chance to connect with many friends and colleagues. So the pictures were really just an expression of the excitement for all of that. Thanks for being creative in allowing myself and others to share that excitement.”

To learn more about the JiveWorld game and why it was successful, read Rutan’s complete story here.

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