IMEX Delivers an Intensely Personal Event Experience

Discover how the world’s leading trade show and hosted buyer program for the meetings, events and incentive travel industry empowers attendees with the ultimate personalized experience.

Reaching Record Breaking Levels of Meetings

IMEX America and IMEX in Frankfurt are the world’s leading trade shows and hosted buyer programs for the meetings, events and incentive travel industry. They are the keystone events for meetings professionals to learn, network and drive business opportunities for the coming year. In 2014, IMEX America added more than 200 exhibitors for a total of 2,900, increased its exhibition hall floor size by 13 percent, and saw registration among hosted buyers increase from 2,700 to 2,900. IMEX in Frankfurt attracted nearly 4,000-hosted buyers representing 74 countries and 3,500 exhibiting companies from 150 countries.

The key to the success of the IMEX events is the ability for hosted buyers and suppliers to connect. The IMEX websites have always served as the key cogs in facilitating the meeting scheduling process for hosted buyers. Today, the majority of IMEX attendees carry a mobile device, enabling them to access personalized information and truly manage their own schedules while on the go are priorities for the organization. In recent years, IMEX has worked with QuickMobile to develop mobile event apps, which have become natural extensions of the IMEX Website Online Tools.

Challenge: Personalization for Multiple User Categories

For the 2014 events in Las Vegas and Frankfurt, IMEX again partnered with QuickMobile. This past year, IMEX adopted QuickMobile’s enterprise multi-event app platform to help the organization achieve its core objectives. IMEX wanted to drive more information from the web portal into the app and expand the scheduling capabilities to allow all attendees, not only the hosted buyers, to personalize their event experience and create and manage their own schedules.

“In 2013, we tracked log-ins to see if people were engaged,” said Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX. “Exhibitors were among the largest groups using the app. In 2014, we wanted to give them even more reasons to use the app by extending appointment management capabilities to them. Making IMEX productive for all attendees and participants is critical to the success of the event.”
Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX

Challenge: Seamless Access and Integration

IMEX also wanted to increase downloads and usage among attendees, with a focus on surpassing 2013’s usage. The organization invited users to experience IMEX through their mobile devices, increasing the value of their participation through in-app access to key mobile productivity, social and networking tools.

IMEX uses a number of event technologies and systems to manage its events, and over the years, open communication among these tech stakeholders has become mission critical. For example, IMEX and Reftech, the organization’s event registration partner, completed some basic integration during the past four years. For 2014, IMEX wanted to further advance the integration and make the attendee experience across the IMEX event website, registration system and mobile app even more consistent and cohesive.

“We have worked side-by-side with QuickMobile for the past several events, and we trust their ability to help us move closer to a seamless technological experience across our web and mobile platforms.”


Early in 2014, project managers from QuickMobile, Reftech and IMEX worked together to identify the strategy to increase integration and advance schedule management, as well as to ensure the app contained tools that would inform, engage and assist attendees throughout the event. QuickMobile developed a full API with live data from the website and registration platform that integrated seamlessly with the MobileEvent platform. This included multiple calls to the website database to present the correct data for a single exhibitor. The API facilitated full two-way syncing with personal schedules allowing users to seamlessly plan their agendas and manage their meetings via the web and their mobile devices.

QuickMobile and IMEX also developed a menu-matrix that allowed IMEX to activate individual menu items depending on the user. This provided an efficient process to ensure all users were able to see the appropriate menu items at the relevant time during the trade show cycle. The API, menu-matrix and other features provided a personalized app experience for all attendees, allowing them to use the available information and tools to help them achieve their personal event goals and objectives.

  • Record breaking 53,000 pre-scheduled meetings
  • 600% increase in usage over previous year
  • Improved efficiency with multi-event platform


The app was a tremendous success among attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and industry leaders of both events. Attendees at IMEX America spent nearly 860 hours in the app, opening it more than 151,000 times with over 327,000 in-app impressions. IMEX also reported that 53,000 meetings were pre-scheduled using both the app and website at IMEX America. IMEX in Frankfurt experienced an increase in usage of more than 600% compared with 2013 while recording more than 65,000 appointments. These meetings were accessible both online and through the mobile event app.

Bauer commented, “We can only assume that we got it right. The increase in downloads, open rates and page impressions is a testament to the user-driven developments and targeted features.”

The new container (or Enterprise) app developed by QuickMobile for IMEX has created a springboard for future IMEX trade shows. Rather than creating a new app for each trade show, the container allows IMEX to build each event using the QuickMobile mobile app and analytics platform. Sending a simple push notification to each participant who has already downloaded the container app to load the next event in the trade show cycle provides a seamless move from one event to the next.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the progress of our mobile technology, from integration with other systems to user adoption,” said Bauer. “QuickMobile has put us in a great position going forward as we continue to improve our strategy and arm our attendees with the tools that will help them get the most from our events.”
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