Going Mobile for the First Time: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric introduced their first mobile conference app at a key global user conference. Discover how they pulled it off without a hitch.

A New Way to Forge a Stronger User Community

Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation with operations in more than 100 countries and 170,000 employees worldwide. The company’s bi-annual Technology in Energy Conference (TEC) brings together their software customers in the oil, gas & water sectors with partners and employees to share ideas, learn and grow their user community. The event is an important venue for the company to build meaningful relationships, share what’s new and inspire guests with what’s on the drawing board for the future. Going mobile for the first time provided Schneider Electric with a fresh opportunity to accelerate innovation and forge a stronger user community.

The Logical Next Step in Innovation

As part of their mission to be an innovative technology organization, Schneider Electric decided to embrace a mobile conference app to emphasize their commitment to both technology and sustainability. As more and more of their operations are going mobile and many of their users already engage with mobile apps, the decision to embrace a conference app came naturally as the next step.

The company decided to implement a conference app to help reduce their printing requirements, thereby shrinking the eco-footprint of the event, while at the same time making a bold statement about their dedication to forward-thinking technology. The conference app also provided Schneider Electric with a ubiquitous platform for communicating with guests during the event.

“We sought a vendor who would take the time to understand our unique needs, appreciate the nature of our event and work with us as mobile rookies.”
Stacey Larter, Director of Marketing, Software

An Exciting Opportunity, with a Few Challenges

Adopting a conference app for the first time presented an exciting opportunity to Schneider Electric’s Director of Marketing, Software, Stacey Larter. While many of the guests were comfortable with mobile apps, others such as C-suite executives and procurement managers were less likely to readily embrace the new technology. This presented Larter with two key challenges: not only did the app need to be simple to use, they needed a vendor who would make the process as easy as possible and speak their language as new users.

In addition, Larter did not have a lot of time to put into the app despite its importance to the event. She needed a vendor that she could talk with and would be available and fully supportive when needed.

The Right Strategy for First Time Users

In order for the event to succeed, Larter needed a conference app that would help further their objectives. To achieve this, the app delivered some key functionality to appeal a wide variety of conference guests:

The conference app provided guests with access to a list of attendees to help promote networking, including attendee photos, contact information and other details to help guests make the right connections. The app also put exhibitors and sponsors in the spotlight, providing guests with quick access to detailed directory listings and links to important information.

A wide range of documents was made available in the app to promote learning and understanding, including relevant brochures, best practices and practical guides.

Conference guests could access the complete conference agenda in the app, with detailed information about the sessions and links to speaker bios and relevant documents.

  • Over 20,000 opens of the app during the event
  • Attendees spent 43 hours of activity in the app
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests, executives and events team

The Conference App That Made the Difference

Shortly after launching the app at the event, Larter knew she was going to achieve strong results. For Larter, she couldn’t have been happier with the results from her first conference app and her experience with QuickMobile, achieving over 20,000 opens and 43 hours of activity in the app.

“It did everything we wanted, and more. Everyone from our guests, to our executives to our event team loved it, and went out of their way to tell me how helpful it was.”

Larter commented on her experience with QuickMobile and the difference it made to the success of her event:
“Since the first conversation we had with QuickMobile, I knew that their vision matched ours, and that they were well equipped to meet our needs.”

“The sales executive and the project manager were incredibly accessible and responsive, not to mention a deep source of knowledge and education. They immediately established their trustworthiness, and helped me see possibilities with a mobile app that I didn’t even know existed. It’s the kind of relationship that I can trust because they ask all the right questions and just make it easy to get stuff done.”

“I would recommend them enthusiastically to any company looking for a well-built app that’s easy to use and professionally supported.”

Larter gives full credit to QuickMobile for their ability to listen to her needs and educate her on the possibilities of mobile apps, and looks forward to building on her success in the coming years.

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