Dow Jones: Creating a Culture of Security with QuickMobile

Dow Jones wanted to create a single destination for all-things related to their month-long event, Mobile Month, while maintaining their high security standards. They needed an app that could meet the unique and strict security policies of Dow Jones, while connecting all 5,000 attendees worldwide. QuickMobile was able to meet these security standards by providing Okta integration and single sign-on, and is now an ongoing part of the HR strategy to embrace mobile first and build a mobile community.

Customer Profile: Founded in 1882, Dow Jones is a publishing and financial information firm that brings together world-leading data, media, membership and intelligence solutions. It is one of the world’s most recognizable news organizations, delivering brands such as, the Wall Street Journal, Newswires, Marketwatch Barron’s and more. Dow Jones also provides knowledge, insight, risk and compliance, and the DNA platform to organizations around the world.

A Month-Long Global Event

For the first time this year, Dow Jones decided to take their annual event and spread it across an entire month. The event, called Mobile Month, is an internal event for all of the 5,000 Dow Jones employees globally. In previous years, the event was dubbed Mobile Week, and took place over the course of just one week.

Mobile Month is a global experience that is made up of about 70 events over the course of one month that is dedicated to all things mobile. ‘Mobile first’ is something that is near and dear to Dow Jones, as it’s been their mantra for the past few years. This is because of the huge shift the news and media industry has seen towards digital. As a result, Dow Jones’ biggest flagship brand, The Wall Street Journal, now has more digital subscribers than print. Christine Campione, Director of Talent Development at Dow Jones, explained, “the news and media industry is shifting at an unbelievable speed because of mobile. It has really changed the way we consume, present, create and deliver news, as well as impacted how we sell advertisements and make money”. The large shift from print to digital is what led to the decision to host Mobile Month. The purpose of the event was to provide employees with the opportunity to increase their skills, knowledge and know-how to better drive business and collaborate across this changing landscape.

Dow Jones Event App

What makes Mobile Month even more unique is that it’s spread across three different locations, New York, London and Hong Kong. In-person sessions were hosted in these three locations by subject matter experts on things like mobile video, virtual reality, augmented reality, coding, social media and the latest tech in general. To accommodate employees not based in the three main locations, Dow Jones live streamed sessions through their QuickMobile event app.

A Single Destination for All-Things Mobile Month

It only seemed fitting to include a mobile event app at an event focused on the mobile first movement. Ultimately, Dow Jones wanted an event app so that employees would have a destination they could go to see what was happening in their location, rather than having to navigate through the Dow Jones LMS. “Our LMS can be cumbersome, so having an app related to all things Mobile Month was important. We kept the app features to a minimum because there were already so many moving parts to this event, but relied heavily on the schedule, photo sharing and live streaming. We wanted to focus more on the engagement piece, and the benefit of having QuickMobile was that we had a destination for links to our live streamed sessions.” Campione shared.

The app was sent out to all 5,000 Dow Jones employees, along with log in instructions. Due to the immense number of employees, the Mobile Month event app had to have single sign-on authentication, integrate with Okta and meet the company’s security expectations.

“Our contract with QuickMobile was really contingent on the fact that we were going to have Okta integration and single sign-on. Just knowing that there was an extra layer of security there was critical for us, and really the deciding factor.”
Christine Campione, Director of Talent Development

Fostering a Culture of Security

Security is a big part of the Dow Jones culture. “Our security system is very well established. We live it and breathe it every day. For us culturally, security is paramount,” Campione explained. Security is so important to Dow Jones that QuickMobile had to go through a security audit to ensure they complied before Dow Jones could move forward with purchasing their event app. In addition, QuickMobile had to have single sign-on capabilities and Okta integrations or the app just wouldn’t work. “Almost every vendor we bring on in terms of apps is required to integrate with Okta,” Campione described, “being one of the most widely known and recognized news organizations automatically increases risk. Because of this, having single sign-on is essential”. Without these integrations, having a Mobile Month event app wouldn’t have been an option. Campione added, “our contract with QuickMobile was really contingent on the fact that we were going to have these integrations. Just knowing that there was an extra layer of security there was critical for us, and really the deciding factor”. To further secure the app, Campione wanted to make sure that employees had to go through Okta in order to download the app, so she made it so that only Dow Jones employee’s part of the Okta system could log in to it.

Dow Jones Okta Integration

Once Dow Jones had the proper security measures in place, they were ready to deploy the app to the 5,000 Dow Jones employees around the world. Campione worked directly with the Dow Jones customer service department to get them trained on how to support the event app from an Okta perspective. In addition to providing documentation to the customer service team on how to assist staff with the app, Campione put together a resource with app download instructions and screenshots showing how to login with the Okta process that was sent out to all employees. “Overall, there were no issues with the event app or login process. Everyone was able to sign in with ease,” Campione described.


A Commitment to Support, Service & Security

Overall, Campione and the Dow Jones team were very happy with their experience using QuickMobile, and that QuickMobile could match the level of security that Dow Jones embraces. “This is the first time we have rolled out an event of this scale, and the first time using an event app. I think it went great,” exclaimed Campione.

Apart from the event app itself, Campione was also very pleased with how working with the team at QuickMobile was. She summarized the whole experience by saying, “QuickMobile is phenomenal. I don’t know where I’d be without the QuickMobile support team, and our dedicated CSM is a huge part of why I considered the event successful — everything from the level of responsiveness to the attention to detail. It is definitely not lost on us, by any means, on how critical the QuickMobile team was in this process”.

  • App sent out to 5,000 Dow Jones employees globally
  • App integrated seamlessly with Okta to provide single sign-on
  • Ongoing use of event apps to build a mobile community

Ongoing Mobile-First Innovation

To further embrace their ‘mobile first’ mantra, Dow Jones uses the QuickMobile event app in a number of innovative ways, apart from their Mobile Month event. They actually use the app for two other initiatives, and a third initiative is in the works.

Most recently, Dow Jones used the QuickMobile event app for their Wellness Day, which was another global event. Wellness Day is a company-wide initiative focusing on the mental and physical health of their employees. The main event takes place on the same day, and each office celebrates in its own way. There are approximately 11 offices around the world that participate by putting on their own programming and events. Campione wanted a way to connect these offices so she turned to QuickMobile. “The QuickMobile event app was a great way for us to unify and immortalize some of the great things that happened. Employees used the agenda to not only see what was going on in their office, but also what was happening at other offices around the globe,” Campione explained. They created 11 different tracks all based on the various office locations, and used the photo sharing feature so employees could visually see what was happening. The Wellness Day app is also used year long to share ideas, post healthy recipes and feature wellness champions. “It’s really enabled us to empower our employees to help co-create a culture of wellness,” Campione shared about the app.

Dow Jone Case Study Wellness program

Dow Jones is also using the QuickMobile app for their mentor program, which is a global, three-month program with about 200 employees participating at a time. The mentor program is the company’s first ever virtual-only event, where no in-person event actually takes place. Instead, the app is designed to be an ongoing resource for employees to build a community, connect with each other and share information. To foster a community, the app includes discussion boards, FAQ, recommended reading, Ted Talks and other employee resources. Prior to having the QuickMobile event app, Dow Jones had no way of sharing those resources. Campione added, “the goal is to continue to use QuickMobile for a variety of experiences, whether its educational awareness or engagement. We’re just trying to find unique and creative ways to help drive mobile first, and the app is a really nice way to be able to do that.”

Dow Jones has no plans to stop using the app any time soon, and is currently working on yet another innovative way to use the app. The new app will center around onboarding, called “New @ DJ”. It’s designed for new hires so they can come together for a full day of sessions and training before starting their jobs. Campione finalized,

“we in HR are embracing this mobile-first movement, and QuickMobile is really helping us move the dial”.

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