How Danone Mobilized a Global Workforce

Danone’s innovative mobile strategy received 2 Event Tech Live awards: “Best Event App” and “Best Use of Gamification”

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Embracing a Digital Strategy

Danone is a leading global food company that produces fresh dairy products, early life nutrition, waters and medical nutrition. It has been an offline consumer goods business since it was founded in 1919, but in 2015 there was a significant push to embrace new digital strategies, particularly around mobile. The majority of Internet browsing happens on mobile phones, and there are more people using mobile devices than desktop computers. With this global shift to mobile platforms, Danone wanted to be more digital-friendly and make mobile a major part of its consumer-facing strategies. Before the company could begin its external push, however; Danone needed their employees to master mobile first.

In the UK, Danone issued Apple iPhones to employees but found that employees were not engaged with the mobile platform. The company did not have the applications or internal programs to drive engagement.

Improving Corporate Events

Danone’s UK business units, comprising of factory sites and offices in three locations, led the charge identifying several areas within the company that could benefit from the mobile platform, including employee induction programs, ongoing training and corporate events. Mobile event apps are used by organizations around the world to alleviate administrative processes, create more sustainable meetings and drive attendee engagement. Hundreds of meetings take place every month across the company, so the digital team reached out to mobile event app developers to find out how their mobile solutions could improve their corporate meetings.

“We needed to shake things up,” said Luke O’Connell of Danone’s Digital & CRM Team. “If we are going to push a global mobile strategy and engage our consumers through digital platforms, then everyone inside Danone needs to master it first. Otherwise, we will never have the buy in from across the enterprise or from our customers.”

  • Alleviated administrative processes
  • Created consistent and sustainable meetings
  • Drove attendee engagement

Danone accepted three proposals, ultimately selecting QuickMobile’s enterprise mobile app and analytics platform to serve as the foundation for its corporate mobile event initiatives.

“We chose QuickMobile for three specific reasons,” said O’Connell. “First, we are a unique business with unique requirements. It was clear from the beginning that QuickMobile wanted to know about our business before doing anything else. Second, QuickMobile’s platform development cycle matched our own internal rhythm. We are a dynamic business, and QuickMobile operates in the same fashion, constantly working on improvements and releasing platform updates as they are ready. QuickMobile’s way of doing business played right into our hands. The third reason is standardization. Whatever mobile event platform we selected had to provide a consistent experience and one that would ultimately be adopted by the business worldwide. In other words, the platform that is used in the U.K. needs to be the same that is used in France, Asia and the United States. QuickMobile’s scalable and flexible platform fits with our commitment to standardization around the globe.”

“It was clear from the beginning that QuickMobile wanted to know about our business before doing anything else.”
Luke O’Connell, Digital and CRM BSA, Danone

Taking Engagement to a New Level

During the past several months, Danone’s digital team has been introducing the platform at select meetings around the world. The initial plan is to use the platform for meetings with conference-style agendas and a minimum attendance of 40 people. As the team introduces apps at different events, it is using the platform’s internal polling and survey features to gather feedback and find out what people are thinking and if the apps are improving their engagement with speakers and content.

What stands out among the 20+ apps that have been released so far is the fact that engagement scores have more than doubled since using the apps. Prior to QuickMobile’s platform, surveys might produce a 30 percent response rate, even when they were passed out to attendees in the meeting. When Danone uses the app, the response rate averages between 60 and 70 percent.

“The app has taken engagement to a new level”

O’Connell mentioned that the team placed a real emphasis on gamification, which drove engagement within the app. In the future, deploying apps with gamification will be more strategic as the company focuses on increasing attendee survey responses and interaction with meeting content and participants.

By the Numbers

Between July 2014 and January 2015, Luke and his team used the app for four different events ranging in size from 42 to over 220 attendees. As expected, the first event had an activation rate of just under 50%, with the average user opening the app 8 times and spending about 8 minutes in the app in total. From here, every app benchmark went up with each new event. At the last one activation hit 96%, with users opening up the app an average of 33 times and spending more than 43 minutes in the app. To be fair, this last event was Danone’s first attempt at gamification, which is a big reason why app adoption and usage were so high. This demonstrates the positive power and influence of gamification and how it can be used to shape attendee behavior throughout an event. To find out more about gamification and how it can benefit your next event, watch our on-demand webinar.

A Global Digital Revolution is Underway

Danone’s digital team has spent a lot of time branding the platform and is preparing mobile event apps for several large general manager meetings later this year. The goal is to increase engagement through the app and create experiences they will remember so company GMs will help drive demand for the platform. With the support of Danone’s CTO and a commitment from the majority of the business units to further the digital fluency journey, the team is confident that event apps will be used across the globe. It’s a massive undertaking, but O’Connell and Danone are confident in the platform and its partner.

“Thats the type of flexibility and effort we need to make this a global success.”

“We are a very demanding, fast-moving company that often works in a dynamic style,” he said. “QuickMobile’s support moves at an extraordinary pace, and what we have accomplished so far has produced great results. It’s clear to us that our relationship with QuickMobile is a priority. They push to get things done and approach our challenges with a flexible, can-do attitude focused on meeting our needs.”

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