A Magical Experience: YourMembership

How YourMembership skyrocketed attendee engagement at Xperience with a flawless event theme and gamification design using the QuickMobile event app.

Customer Profile:
Now operating in over 30 countries worldwide, YourMembership is the largest provider of membership management and association management software. YourMembership was established in 1998 and provides SaaS solutions that help associations and other companies around the world provide more value to their users, drive non-dues revenue through advanced career centers and buyers guides, increase their relevance through innovative engagement tools, and enhance overall operational efficiencies.

YourMembership wanted to create a conference that was more than just a conference; they wanted to create an experience that stuck with attendees long after it ended while also increasing attendee engagement and app adoption.

By planning and executing a flawless event theme, YourMembership, with the help of QuickMobile, utilized a highly innovative event app game to increase attendee engagement and app adoption. 88% of attendees downloaded the app, the highest level of app downloads at any Xperience event in the past 4 years.

An Event Fit for a Wizard

For the last four years, YourMembership has been hosting their annual user conference, Xperience, in partnership with QuickMobile. However, this year was different from previous years. For the first time ever, the annual user conference was open to everyone in the industry, not just people that use YourMembership products, totaling in nearly 500 attendees. In addition to that, this year boasted the highest levels of attendee engagement at a YourMembership event, thanks to an event theme that was expertly executed in conjunction with their event app.

This year’s theme was nothing short of magical, paired with an event that was set at Walt Disney World and Harry Potter World in Orlando, FL. It was only fitting that the event theme centered around Harry Potter and the wizarding world itself.

A Theme that Surprised and Delighted

KellyGene Rubash, Partner Marketing Manager at YourMembership, was heavily involved in planning the theme of the event. It was important to her and the rest of the YourMembership team to really make attendees feel like they were a part of the event — like they were actually students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. “Xperience is more than just a conference; it’s about creating a memorable experience that sticks with attendees, all while providing top content to our industry, and training to our customers,” Rubash shared.

The goal for this year was to reflect the benefits that YourMembership provides to its customers. “When planning this conference, we wanted it to be seamless, easy to navigate and make sure it flowed. While doing that, we also wanted to create surprise and delight elements — things that stand out and add an element of excitement,” Rubash explained. One of the major ways YourMembership surprised and delighted attendees was with gamification on their event app.

“This year we saw a huge spike in engagement with the gamification specifically. Almost every person that downloaded the app had points of some sort which isn’t something that we’ve seen before in previous years”
KellyGene Rubash, Partner Marketing Manager

The Triwizard Tournament Gone Digital

Part of why the Xperience theme fit so seamlessly into the event was due to the in-app game that YourMembership created. The game awarded points to attendees for completing actions such as scanning a QR code at a tradeshow booth, checking into sessions, sharing photos, or being active on social media. YourMembership also planned a pre-show challenge to encourage app downloads, allowing attendees to start earning points before the event even started.

To coincide with the Harry Potter theme, all attendees were sorted into teams, or Houses, named after YourMembership’s industry pillars. This gave attendees a sense of camaraderie, which ultimately boosted engagement. “Once we had the Harry Potter theme nailed down, I began thinking about what goes on in Harry Potter and how we could incorporate those surprise and delight elements. The first thing that came to mind was getting sorted into Houses at Hogwarts; then the theme really took off from there,” Rubash said about aligning the game to the theme.

Immediately after attendees were sorted into their Houses, they were sent an email that was made to look like a Hogwarts acceptance letter, letting them know which house the Sorting Hat put them in. And as soon as attendees walked through the doors to get onto the shuttle buses to Harry Potter World, YourMembership triggered beacons that sent push notifications from the app directly to attendees’ phones saying they had arrived at Platform 9 ¾. “Consistently staying with the theme and providing these fun elements helped bring people together and make them feel immersed in the whole experience,” explained Rubash.

Rubash worked tirelessly to create a game that would boost engagement, as the in-app engagement in previous years wasn’t as high as she wanted it to be. The House system was part of this year’s plan to increase engagement. When attendees started earning points, the leaderboard displayed the overall score for each House rather than showing individual scores, to encourage involvement in the game and motivate attendees to earn points.

“This year we saw a huge spike in engagement with the gamification specifically. Almost every person that downloaded the app had points of some sort which isn’t something that we’ve seen before in previous years,” Rubash explained. This year, YourMembership saw a record high of 88% of attendees downloading the app. Using the in-app analytics, Rubash was also able to see other indications of increased engagement, including 11,872 more points earned in this year’s game versus last year’s game, 642 more QR code scans, 159 more sessions checked into and 60 more tweets sent.

  • 88% of attendees dowloaded the app
  • 11,872 more gamification points were scored in 2017 vs. 2016
  • Every person who downloaded the app had points of some kind

Why QuickMobile was The Chosen One

Beyond the game and event app being a huge success among attendees, Rubash is also impressed with the QuickMobile team and the ease of working in the app itself. “A big reason our app was so successful is because we utilized the support staff at QuickMobile. It was 100% their idea to do the pre-show challenge which increased app adoption by a lot,” she said, “they helped us through the whole process of inputting our information and organizing attendees and sponsors in-app. Working with them was so easy and seamless. Also, having them on-site was invaluable as it provided a zone where people could go to ask questions and learn more about the app in general.”

In addition, setting up the app was no problem for Rubash and the rest of the YourMembership team. “I am not a very ‘techy’ person at all, but I have to say, the backend of this product is one of the most user-friendly I have ever seen. It’s simple to navigate, easy to follow and I could easily figure out how to do things by myself — definitely one of the more user-friendly technologies I’ve worked with,” Rubash confessed

Overall, Xperience 2017 was a smash success with higher levels of engagement than any other year, thanks to the flawlessly executed event theme and creative gamification. And now, using in-app analytics, Rubash and the team can make next year’s conference even better. Rubash summarized the whole experience by saying,

“I’m very happy with everything. It was a very smooth conference and the event app was amazing, really doing a lot for us this year. Because it was such a success, the app will continue to be something that is used and engaged with in our years to come. Overall, it was a very good year and I think that has a lot to do with us utilizing the app and having the QuickMobile team in our strategy, on-site and pre-show.”

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