QuickMobile Surveys and Polls Tools Deliver Real-Time Audience Feedback

New multi-question mobile event app survey and live polling tools simplify survey and poll creation while increasing amount and quality of meeting attendee feedback

VANCOUVER, B.C. – May 30, 2012 – QuickMobile, a leading developer of mobile solutions that amplify audience engagement at meetings and events, is capturing event attendee feedback faster and easier with new mobile survey and polls solutions in its mobile event apps. The new tools, offered as part of QuickMobile’s advanced content management system, allow users to create a variety of multi-question fully branded surveys and quick-response polls that are delivered to attendees’ mobile devices. Attendees’ responses are captured through the device and are available to meeting organizers and marketers, as well as presenters, in real-time.

“Our surveys and polls solutions are fully branded to match the meeting or event look and feel, and help reduce costs by eliminating paper-based surveys and the need to acquire audience response systems,” said Patrick Payne, president and CEO of QuickMobile. “We are helping event marketers and owners to fully leverage the mobile devices that the majority of their attendees already have and deliver higher response rates, as well as better quality of feedback through our surveys built into mobile apps. This is one more way in which we are enabling our customers with actionable data to make more intelligent, strategic decisions.”

In addition to being fully customizable, surveys and polls can be assigned to specific meetings, conference sessions, presenters and other planned activities that are scheduled as part of the bigger event. Presenters can also use the polling tool to ask questions during their sessions with responses immediately available to share with attendees. Real-time attendee response allows presenters to incorporate current data, tailor their material to audience interests and improve the overall quality of their presentations.

Payne added, “We have created apps for hundreds of events and have compiled all of our customers’ feedback into the development of our latest survey and poll solutions. From the development of the surveys and polls and their integration into the events, to the color-coded charts and reports, we have simplified capturing audience feedback that will allow our customers to better understand attendees’ needs and improve their events.”

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