QuickMobile Ushers in a New Era of Attendee Engagement with Live Polling, Messaging, and Insight

VANCOUVER, B.C. – March 8, 2016 – QuickMobile, the global leader in enterprise mobile meeting and event apps, today announced the launch of Live Insights, an advanced real-time audience response solution that allows presenters to engage with audiences in a completely new way. Live Insights is an industry-first technology that takes meetings to a whole new level by creating a personalized attendee experience, while providing event planners and presenters control over how they interact with audiences.

“I am incredibly excited to launch Live Insights” said David Smith, CEO of QuickMobile. “It’s the first of its kind to increase attendee engagement in a mobile event app. It even enables people in different locations to feel as if they are a part of the same meeting, allowing everyone to get involved in a way that is easily manageable for organizers. It’s a great way to change a group dynamic, promote meeting collaboration, and action outcomes.”

Live Insights allows meeting planners to gauge audience sentiment, answer questions, and encourage participation; and it allows participants to provide feedback, collaborate, and increase session interaction. Live Insights can be used in a number of ways to encourage engagement and provide insight at tradeshows, user conferences, shareholder meetings, sales kickoffs, town halls and more, including multi-location events. Built on a secure, scalable, and flexible mobile event platform, Live Insights delivers an immersive experience for everyone.

QuickMobile’s Live Insights provides several key features:

  • Live Polling: Create questions on-the-fly and collect immediate results to measure attendee understanding and allow for instant decision-making
  • PowerPoint Add-In: Poll attendees during a presentation directly from PowerPoint and easily adapt to the needs of the presenter
  • Discussion Forum: Allow participants to ask questions, freely or anonymously, while allowing speakers to moderate conversations
  • Group Chat: Permit attendees to like comments and communicate with each other, making it possible for everyone to collaborate in real-time
  • Reports: Generate comprehensive reports including live polling results and participant messages with a single click

Recently used by The Economist at their Pride & Prejudice event in NYC, Tamsin Parkin, Operations Director for Economist Events – Americas says, “One of the things that Live Insights allowed us to do was retake control of the polling and have it happen in real-time. It was pretty seamless and certainly a great experience for people in the room to be able to see the results of their interactions in real-time.”

“Live Insights is a game-changer in audience engagement,” said Julie Bevacqua, CMO of QuickMobile. “Never before has anyone been able to launch a poll, push the results to the audience, and continue with the presentation simply by advancing their presentation slides – all integrated natively with a mobile event app. Attendees have a personalized experience while speakers have greater control over how they interact with their audiences.”

For additional information on Live Insights, click here.

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