QuickMobile Takes Mobile Event App Gamification to Next Level

Configurable gamification helps organizers achieve goals and objectives; available for all event types, sizes and budgets

VANCOUVER, B.C. – October 2, 2013 – QuickMobile, the global leader of mobile apps for meetings, conferences and exhibitions, today announced the availability of a new configurable gamification module for its industry-leading MobileEvent event app platform. The module makes it fast, easy and affordable to add gamification benefits to any single event app for any-size meeting or organization. With QuickMobile, event planners and organizers have greater flexibility when using in-app games to achieve meeting goals and objectives, from increasing attendance and networking to promoting education and participation. In addition to the new game module, QuickMobile also develops fully customized games from the ground up to further enhance attendee engagement and improve the event experience.

According to recent studies by M2 Research, the gamification industry will grow to $500 million in the U.S. in 2013 and to more than $2 billion by 2015. “Gamified” applications are becoming mainstream as more people use their mobile phone for games than for any other category of app, and the planet is now spending an estimated three billion hours a week gaming. By 2014, Gartner expects 70 percent of the Global 2000 organizations will use at least one gamified application.

“Everyone plays games, and gamifying event apps is a powerful and innovative way for enterprises and associations to achieve their meeting objectives and increase engagement,” says Patrick Payne, Co-Founder and CEO of QuickMobile. “Games stimulate the types of behavior that make events successful, and by appealing to people’s natural desire for reward, status, competition and achievement, event organizers can make learning, networking and overall participation more fun and interesting for attendees. QuickMobile has the most complete gamification offering in the industry. We have the new configurable game module for single events and the fully customized game for the enterprise. No one else delivers both ends of the spectrum.”

QuickMobile’s gaming module is a fully embedded and branded game experience for any and all-size events. Users accumulate points by performing key app-based activities such as networking with peers, “checking in” at activities, exhibit booths or with sponsors, sharing content, taking pictures, and completing quizzes and surveys.

Payne added, “A game can direct attendees to complete desired behavior, such as visiting certain event locations, creating more social media content, attending key workshops, or downloading critical documents. Since the game is easily configured and built right into the event app, it is easy to deploy and play, and requires no additional effort by attendees. The game provides organizers instant feedback when activities are completed as well as opportunities to reward attendees with performance tracked via a leaderboard. Drawing on QuickMobile’s extensive experience in gamification, enterprise clients can extend the game’s capabilities even further based on their unique event requirements.”

In 2010 QuickMobile became the first vendor to gamify a mobile event app, and in the last several years, has created more customized games for more clients than any other event app developer. The launch of this new gamification component – featuring a range of configurable options to complement any event – illustrates QuickMobile’s leadership in attendee engagement and experience.

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