QuickMobile Releases Seven Predictions for Mobile Event App Industry in 2014

VANCOUVER, B.C. – January 7, 2013 – QuickMobile, the recognized global leader in mobile event apps, today released a new white paper that provides an expert perspective on the growing and changing landscape of the mobile event app industry. The paper, “7 Predictions for the Mobile Event App Industry in 2014,” details how the industry will advance into the next stage of market acceptance, moving from early adopters to early majority, as apps become commonplace at events around the world. The white paper is available to download for free at QuickMobile.com.

Among QuickMobile’s seven predictions for 2014 is that mobile event apps will “evolve from being event-centric to binding an organization to its audience year-round. They will emerge as ‘Mobile Engagement Platforms’, embedding themselves deeply into the day-to-day lives of users and the organizations behind them.” They will succeed as powerful connectors where other solutions have failed because the value that can be delivered through a single, comprehensive enterprise mobile app outreaches that of any other medium or platform.

“We continue to lead this industry sector and have actively participated in the shaping and expansion of mobile apps for meetings and events, which gives us quite a unique perspective,” said Patrick Payne, CEO of QuickMobile. “We strongly believe that 2014 will be a pivotal year in terms of app adoption as more enterprises embrace the mobile experience and leverage mobile technology to benefit everyone involved in planning, management and execution of events. The end-results are connected communities of peers and like-minded individuals and groups that are willing to engage with brands and events like never before.”

QuickMobile also predicts that the proliferation of mobile event app vendors will continue, but the market will reward vendors that add value within and beyond the event, ultimately leading to consolidation of the market.

Payne added, “In 2013, we saw a tremendous influx of multi-event app customers and this will likely continue into 2014. To truly empower customers to meet their goals and objectives, 365 days a year, vendors must have an in-depth understanding of the complexities and intricacies of event app design, user behavior, delivery, and support. The needs of the market are already shifting and customers are demanding more sophistication, which will simply be too much for niche vendors. Those left standing will be the vendors that offer enterprise-level apps across all segments of the market.”

For a complete list of QuickMobile seven predictions, download the white paper at QuickMobile.com.

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