QuickMobile Launches New Analytics Dashboard to Equip Event Marketers with Real-Time Mobile Data

Dashboard provides user-friendly graphical view of critical event information; allows event organizers to intelligently adjust short- and long-term meeting strategy and content

VANCOUVER, B.C. – May 23, 2012 – Event marketers and organizers now have access to better data to improve event logistics and planning, and measure the success of their meetings with the release of QuickMobile’s new Analytics Dashboard. Accessible through QuickMobile’s advanced content management system, the new dashboard is available to all customers and delivers hourly updates of key analytics captured from event attendees’ use of QuickMobile’s mobile meeting apps.

Presented in a single-page, graphical view, the dashboard displays information before, during and after the event. Among the data points available are number of attendees using the mobile app; number of users on each mobile platform; number of sessions; time attendees spend on the mobile app; and page views of specific features, sponsors and content.

“Our new dashboard is a game-changer that will provide event owners with access to real-time analytics and better information to help them make educated, on-the-fly decisions about their events, as well as to improve planning and logistics for future events,” said Patrick Payne, president and CEO of QuickMobile. “This is not data for data’s-sake. This is about using information to make impactful decisions that will ultimately drive immediate and long-term benefits for event attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Event planners will have access to information that that was never available before, and they can compare their event statistics to the generic global stats that we gather; helping them to see the value of their investment.”

At the core of the dashboard are the widgets, which feature help buttons, an expand button for displaying information to a large group and an export button for exporting the widget data to PDF or CSV. The dashboard will launch with 11 widgets that provide information on general application usage, trends by platform, popular content and more.

Payne added, “Using one or a combination of these widgets will give event marketers and owners a better understanding of the overall engagement at their events. The ability to continually access new information will produce a better understanding of audience wants and needs, as well as more effective marketing campaigns and more targeted agendas and meeting content. Today’s release is merely step one of our commitment to providing clients with better intelligence of how their apps are being used, and we certainly plan on going a lot further.”

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