New Collaborative Feature to Annotate PDFs in QuickMobile Event Apps

VANCOUVER, B.C. — May 18, 2016 — QuickMobile, the global leader in enterprise mobile meeting and event apps, today announced the availability of Annotate PDF, the first and only annotation tool for mobile event apps that allows attendees to view and markup PDFs in real-time while at events. The new tool allows attendees to annotate and write comments, highlight important information, and share thoughts with others on PDF documents.

“Built to meet the needs of our Fortune 500 customers, Annotate PDF has everything an attendee needs to work with PDF documents and collaborate with others,” said Julie Bevacqua, CMO at QuickMobile. “Our customers want to protect confidential information in documents, while giving attendees the opportunity to add their thoughts directly on a PDF. It’s a great way to protect original content and inspire collaboration with little to no extra effort for meeting organizers.”

Annotate PDF is a simple but effective set of tools for colleagues working together while writing, editing, reading and annotating documents. Instead of wasting time and paper, attendees can open slides as PDFs, swipe through the slides as the session goes on, and add notes and highlight points on the way. This new functionality makes it easier to pinpoint a passage, leave notes or feedback for others, brainstorm ideas or share with a group. It’s also an invaluable tool for presenters who host a session at an event, providing them with an efficient way to obtain useful feedback without the hassle of coordinating another meeting. Sent documents can also be watermarked with an attendee’s email address, securing all PDF pages and mitigating unauthorized distribution.

“Capturing and sharing ideas from within a mobile event app meets the growing demand for improved productivity in corporate meetings,” said Julie Bevacqua, CMO at QuickMobile. “QuickMobile will continue to focus on productivity to serve the growing demands of the mobile enterprise.”

To learn more about Annotate PDF, click here.

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