Using Mobile Gaming to Promote Sustainability, Technology and Social Responsibility into Events

New white paper details how interactive mobile game created for Event Camp Vancouver enhanced attendee engagement, while improving sustainability and social responsibility

VANCOUVER, B.C. – April 5, 2012 – During the planning of Event Camp Vancouver 2011, event collaborators, Footprint Management Systems, MeetGreen® and QuickMobile, developed a vision to create a “solutionary” sustainability experience that would integrate social media, technology and corporate social responsibility. The vision became a mobile game – Get Your Green On! – which was embedded throughout the design of the event and helped to constantly reinforce the collaborative, innovation-oriented theme of the event. The process for developing the game and its impact on the event and the attendees are detailed in a new white paper, Get Your Green On!, by FMS, MeetGreen® and QuickMobile.

“Event Camp has become an event that encourages innovation and implementing new ways to leverage social media and technology to enhance the overall attendee experience,” said Judy Kucharuk, owner of FMS. “It was the perfect venue to introduce a mobile game that helps attendees to understand that when it comes to the environment, our individual choices matter, and when everyone engages in sustainability, then we all benefit.”

How Get Your Green On Worked
The game, which was hosted on a QuickMobile mobile event app, allowed players to accumulate points by completing challenges or uploading Random Acts of Green to the mobile event gallery. Each act raised $1 for the BC Cancer Foundation. In addition, 19 different Check-in Codes hidden around the event site educated attendees about sponsors’ sustainability efforts. A leaderboard posted via on-site LCD signs and on the mobile event app motivated participants, while Random Acts of Green became badges of honor.

“We asked ourselves, ‘What if we could create an event experience that promotes more sustainable behavior among attendees, helps the audience to learn how to apply new technologies to their jobs, and engages individuals through social media to extend and expand our community?'” stated Shawna McKinley, Director of Sustainability for MeetGreen®. “The results exceeded our expectations, as attendees embraced the game, completing more than 1,700 sustainability challenges and raising more than $1,500 for charity.”

More than a Fun Experience
Beyond simply helping attendees to have a fun experience at the event, Get Your Green On was created to prove the following:

  • Environmental footprints can be reduced by presenting choices and influencing people to act;
  • Serious and complicated topics can be fun and engaging;
  • Sustainability can be innovative;
  • Event organizers as well as participants have roles to play in making events sustainable.

Trevor Roald, Mobile Event Technology Evangelist with QuickMobile added, “While the game was fun and attendees had a great time fighting for the top of the leaderboard, we hope event organizers will learn from our experience, and refine and experiment with similar concepts. The lessons learned from Get Your Green On can serve as a template for all event organizers who want to integrate sustainability and technology into their events, motivate attendees to action and improve the overall experience.”

Please visit QuickMobile to download a free copy of the Get Your Green On! white paper.

About MeetGreen®
Based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., MeetGreen® works with progressive global organizations to integrate sustainable practices and produce conferences and events that deliver targeted business results. MeetGreen® creates sustainable events for clients and provides training for individuals, organizations and the meetings industry at large on environmental policy and procedure. Going far beyond composting and recycling, MeetGreen® examines the process, much of which is detailed in their two books: Simple Steps to Green Meetings and Events, and Saving Green by Going Green. MeetGreen® has been recognized for their efforts in sustainability with titles, awards, and many magazine features. MeetGreen® has offices in New York, N.Y., Washington D.C., Vancouver, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden. Learn more about sustainable meetings at www.meetgreen.com, and follow them on Twitter @meetgreen.

About Footprint Management Systems Inc. (FMS)
FMS is a Sustainable Event Planning and Consultancy firm based in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Specializing in creating sustainable events in remote locations, FMS believes in providing education and awareness first, enabling clients to become more invested in a positive outcome. FMS has developed specific course material to support workshops, which they use to introduce the concept of Green Meetings to clients. FMS owner, Judy Kucharuk, recently completed the GMIC Train the Trainer program and is now one of the approved GMIC trainers for the 7 Steps to Integration® of the APEX/ASTM Standards. For more information, contact Judy Kucharuk judy@managefootprint.com. Follow Judy on twitter @judylaine

About QuickMobile
Designed for today's mobile-savvy attendee, QuickMobile’s mobile app and analytics platform creates meaningful and lasting experiences. QuickMobile helps its customers deliver personalized, productive and fully-integrated events and meetings–across the enterprise and beyond–that captivate and engage attendees. With unparalleled expertise and a commitment to best practices, QuickMobile has helped thousands of high-performance organizations around the world transform their meetings and events. QuickMobile’s head office is located in Vancouver, Canada.

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