QuickMobile Helps Colorado Innovation Network Lead by Example for Inaugural Summit

COIN partners with QuickMobile to create mobile event app that demonstrates innovation capabilities and allows event to go paperless

In an effort to showcase innovation possibilities, be more environmentally conscious and go paperless, the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) partnered with QuickMobile to develop a mobile meeting app for the COIN 2012 Inaugural Summit. The two-day event in Denver, Colo. in August 2012, was an invitation-only event that brought together leaders in business, academia, government and nonprofit organizations to collaborate and develop solutions for Colorado?s greatest innovation challenges. The custom mobile event app, which was used by more than 85 percent of the event delegates, replaced a traditional print program while providing new mobile tools to facilitate attendee networking and engagement.

Proven Experience and Technology
“Our entire focus is on innovation, and we partnered with QuickMobile because they had the experience we were looking for, and we were confident that they would be successful in helping our inaugural innovation event showoff our own innovative capabilities,” said Kelly Underell, Deputy Program Director for Colorado Innovation Network. “We appreciated the fact that QuickMobile created an app for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and we wanted something as great as that for our event. We wanted to be able to share information about the event program, speakers, attendees and other event details in an efficient manner, and QuickMobile helped us achieve that.”

Manage Event in Real-Time
Delegates were invited to download the multi-platform app via email after registering for the Summit. Built on QuickMobile?s advanced content management system, Summit organizers had the flexibility to share and update information in real-time.

Underell added, “In event planning, things are constantly changing. In fact, we lost a speaker at the last minute. The QuickMobile platform provided us the flexibility we needed to make sure the information we shared with delegates was always correct and up-to-date. This was critical to our success. The tailoring of the app to our event is what allowed us to be the most successful with the tool.”

Positive Reaction
Reaction to the app was positive as delegates took to Twitter to share their excitement:

“#COINSummit the conference app is the future of meeting planning. A great example of what we are here to discuss. Innovation and Technology.”

“@COIN_Colorado Great idea providing us with an app for the #coinsummit for schedules, connecting and tweeting. pic.twitter.com/nKLeI0Pl”

“COIN did a thorough job of researching numerous mobile meeting app companies, and we were selected because of our flexible product, our experience in the market and our ability to develop a truly unique, branded solution to meet their needs,” said Patrick Payne, president and CEO of QuickMobile. “It is also the reason why we are on pace for 400 percent growth in app development this year, and why more Fortune 100 companies turn to QuickMobile than any other provider. Embracing mobile technology for the Summit was a tremendous showcase of COIN?s leadership by example, and the user rate proves that it was the right move.”

About QuickMobile
Designed for today's mobile-savvy attendee, QuickMobile’s mobile app and analytics platform creates meaningful and lasting experiences. QuickMobile helps its customers deliver personalized, productive and fully-integrated events and meetings–across the enterprise and beyond–that captivate and engage attendees. With unparalleled expertise and a commitment to best practices, QuickMobile has helped thousands of high-performance organizations around the world transform their meetings and events. QuickMobile’s head office is located in Vancouver, Canada.

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