[White Paper] 4 Keys to Event App Success

Starting today, you can download our free white paper, 4 Keys to Event App Success. If you’re looking to get a mobile app for your next event, but aren’t quite sure how to do it right, this report will help you determine the four key areas to focus your efforts.

Hers are a few excerpts from the paper:

The new normal

While more and more organizations are adopting mobile technology in pursuit of their event goals, the newness of it all will present challenges to some. But with the right amount of foresight, planning and focus, delivering on your stakeholders’ expectations of a more mobile, more captivating event is entirely achievable. Even if getting an event app may be new to you today, it will soon be a de facto requirement for your event.

The four key strategic areas for event apps

These are the areas that event planners and owners should focus on:

1. Adoption

From industry to industry and event to event, adoption rates for mobile apps vary considerably. The aggregate range is wide, from under 40 percent to nearly 100 percent. All across the board, statistics point to increased adoption among all demographics, as people get more and more attached and dependent on their smartphones, and as more and more apps weave their way into people’s lives.

But we can’t just rely on meta-trends to drive adoption. While they help, we still have work to do in this regard. There are two fundamental ways that you can inspire adoption of your app…

2. Integration

Just like your event doesn’t exist in a vacuum, nor should your app. To make it more relevant for your attendees, and for your organization, you should consider integrating your event app with other core systems that power your organization. Nothing looks like a good investment more than one that helps get more out of existing ones. Looking for an immediate impact? The following integrations are must-haves for most events…

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