What Your Corporate Event Attire Says About You

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Ever been confused by dress codes for a corporate event? When “clothes make the man” (or “apparel oft proclaims the man,” as Shakespeare said), what you wear can say a lot about you—especially in a professional setting.

Just for fun, we’ve collected some of the outfits commonly seen at corporate events, as well as our impressions of what they might say…


Logo-emblazed t-shirt + jeans

Corporate Event Attire T-shirt

“I work at a tech company.”



This outfit is omnipresent at any corporate event. Sometimes it’s just a plain t-shirt; sometimes it’s branded and you get the sense that it was an exhibition hall freebie. Either way, the vibe is that they probably work in tech.



“I have never been to a corporate event before.”



Everyone loves to be comfortable, and to be honest when I see someone in a sweat suit at a conference I am briefly jealous. It does, however, give the impression that they probably have not been to a corporate event before.


3-piece suit and tie

“Who’s ready to network?”



This person seems really keen. You know how there was always one kid who wore a button-up and tie to class? It’s like that. Of course this might just be the dress code! In which case, everyone looks ready to network like a pro, which is actually awesome.


Prom dress

“I think I’m at the wrong venue.”


I have personally never seen this, but if there’s someone at your corporate event in a prom dress, we can agree that they probably went to the wrong place. Also, please take a photo and tweet it at me. Pics or it didn’t happen.


Gucci t-shirt and slacks

“I might be a CMO.”



Keep in mind that this is different from the t-shirt and jeans. You’ll know the difference when you see it. It’s kind of like looking at a Prius vs. a Tesla. They’re both environmentally friendly cars, but you just know that the person driving the Tesla makes more money than you do.



“I am definitely a CMO.”



This person has got their life together. No more explanation necessary.


Polo shirt and khakis.

“Hey, old sport! Where’s the golfing green?”



This person is charming in an old fashion sort of way, so it kind of stands out oddly at a corporate event. You almost expect them to pat your shoulder in a fatherly way and call you champ.


Ballet flats

“Hahahahahaha suckers.”



I saw someone in stilettos at a corporate event once. It filled me with a sense of awe, in the Romantic poetry sense, like: this is the epitome of the natural world and I can only look on in admiration. For us mortals, comfy flat shoes are life savers.


Button-up shirt, sleeves rolled to the elbow.

“There’s no best dressed list for this corporate event—yet—but they should make one just to put me on it.”

Enough said.


What’s your favorite corporate event attire, and what doth it proclaim? Let us know in the comments below, or Tweet us @QuickMobile!


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