5 Ways You Can use Live Polls at Your Next Event

How to Incorporate Live Polls into Your Event

It’s becoming more important for attendees to feel like they are involved in an event, rather than just an audience. They want to be active participants and have a say in how the event will go. Using live polls is a great way to achieve this by engaging attendees and asking for their valuable feedback.

Below are 5 ways you can use live polls at your next event:


1. Collect real-time feedback

Running live polls during sessions or panel talks is a unique way of effectively collecting instant feedback in real-time. For example, rating the speaker or the session. You can collect valuable attendee feedback with a simple live poll, then use their feedback to determine how the session will go. Live polls let attendees improve sessions with their feedback and even choose the next topic so they feel like they’re active participants in the event instead of just an audience.


2. Incorporate games

Add an element of fun to your event with games and live polls! Include fun polls throughout the conference that allows attendees to engage with the app, and make participating in the polls worth points towards your game. Integrating games into your event is a great way to promote networking, facilitate learning and spark event app adoption.


3. Decide what post-event activities to do

You can use live polls to gain insight into what types of post-event activities attendees are interested in doing. Can’t decide whether to host a pub-crawl, black tie event or casual networking at a restaurant? Turn to live polls and ask attendees directly. Knowing exactly what they want to do will ensure your post-event activities actually get good attendance.


4. Organize breakout sessions based on interest

Prior to your event, you can easily gauge what number of attendees would be interested in certain breakout sessions or meetings with live polls. You can then take that information and adjust your program accordingly, and ensure you have appropriate rooms and seating lined up for sessions with high interest.


5. Generate audience engagement

Keeping attendees engaged throughout a session can be tricky. Live polls can assist with keeping attendees engaged by facilitating meaningful interactions between speakers and attendees during the presentation. Speakers can ask relevant questions during a session to capture attendee’s attention and involve them in the session. This not only engages attendees, it creates a collaborative learning environment.

Using the live polling functionality in your event app, you can easily engage and involve your audience, while also collecting valuable feedback from them. To see our live polls in action, request a personalized demo.

What are some other creative ideas you can use live polls for? Share with us in the comments or on Twitter (@Quickmobile).