Product Update: Security, Internationalization & More

QuickMobile recently launched its latest product release. The team at QuickMobile is dedicated to constantly improving its event app to make planning a successful event easier. That is why our latest product update focuses on upgrades and overall product enhancements to ensure your attendees’ experience is better than ever before.

1. Streamlined log in

Corporate authentication can now be a part of your event app login process and achieve single sign on. Built exclusively for enterprises using the Okta identity management services, attendees can gain access to your event app with their corporate login. Regular login functionality can be used simultaneously for any external attendees not included in the identity management services.

This is great for large organizations, or meeting and event planners planning an enterprise-level event. Single sign on meets the needs of organizations that require enterprise-grade authentication from their event app.

2. Enhanced security and privacy

Security is a major priority for QuickMobile, with a strong focus on enterprise-grade security. When designing new product updates, we keep security top of mind. In our latest version, there are a few more security enhancements. For example, any links to external files from your event app can now be hosted on servers supporting HTTPS connections to ensure encrypted transport of confidential information.

In addition, attendees can review disclaimers and access agreements on demand for added transparency in accordance with strict European Union privacy regulations.

3. Support languages from across the world

We are particularly excited to announce that with the latest product update, QuickMobile now supports 25 different languages! The newest languages to be supported in the event app are Indonesian, Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese making sure that attendees from all over the world can easily enjoy your event app with increased ease and a tailored multi-lingual experience.

Discover how these latest product updates create a better attendee experience; request a one-on-one demo with one of our product specialists.

If you have questions regarding the new product release, comment below or tweet us at @QuickMobile.