The 3 Core Event Management Challenges

There are three core event management challenges confronting enterprises running multiple events, many of which often overlap on the calendar. A multi-event app platform can resolve these issues, bringing expected and unexpected efficiencies into any meeting ecosystem. Let’s take a look at these common problems and the solutions provided by multi-event apps.

1. Managing multiple events

Most large organizations run dozens, if not hundreds, of meetings and events a year. Many of them, include large customer events, sales meetings, and incentive trips, are centrally managed, while others, like departmental planning sessions, training programs and employee onboarding sessions, occur on a smaller scale and come together through more decentralized planning.

All of these events are part of the company’s larger meeting portfolio, and therefore, need to stay on brand and on message. Over the course of the year, people will move from one meeting or event to another based on their role in the organization, and will expect a consistent experience everywhere they go.

Multi-event app solution: extensibility

Extensibility refers to a system’s ability to gain new functionality without any material affect on the underlying structure and data flow. For meetings and events, it can be defined as the ability to grow in scale, scope, and capacity. The right multi-event platform will adapt to your varied event ecosystem and be just as extensible as your events and meetings.

For example, it should be able to grow your mobile app usage from a dozen meetings to hundreds, and move back and forth from complex, full-featured event apps to simpler ones.

2. Resource allocation

The more events and meetings you plan, the greater number of people and teams you’ll need managing specific events. Some will be under your authority and some will not. There will also be people at different operational levels responsible for different parts of the event. How do you ensure that everyone that needs the mobile app has access to it and that they use it according to your company policies and brand standards?

Multi-event app solution: delegation

A good multi-event app should allow you to delegate responsibility for managing apps across your team and beyond or, when it makes sense, to establish a role that is solely responsible for creating apps across the business in more of a service model. Your app platform should have a range of roles and permissions that let you control who can see and do what, ensuring productivity and privacy without compromising your brand. Such a platform will give you the power, flexibility, and visibility you need to achieve the mobile aspects of your event objectives while eliminating the risks and costs of a more fragmented approach.

3. Managing app content

In today’s world, event content changes rapidly, placing even more pressure on your team which is already operating at maximum capacity to keep pace and keeps your participants up to date. What you need is an event management app solution that’s not only extensible and efficient to deploy across your team and organization but also as easy to use as your smartphone.

Multi-event app solution: enterprise-grade content management system

The CMS – a.k.a content management system – powers all your event apps. A great CMS works the way you do: fast and with an emphasis on efficiency. You and your team shouldn’t need to spend too much time learning the system, or too much time using it to add, edit and delete content on the fly, not just before but also during and after the event in question. And you should be able to do this from any web browser anywhere.

Summing it up, the key to event management success is command and control – the ability to maintain control over a large number of event apps and the widely distributed teams that use them, so the events meet and exceed everyone’s expectations. The answer can be found in an enterprise-grade multi-event app platform.

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