The Mobile Event App Features That Ease Attendee Pain Points

How to Alleviate 4 Common Attendee Pain Points

This blog was originally published on July 6, 2015, based on a blog post written by Sarah Michel from Velvet Chainsaw. It has been edited for updates and accuracy.

One of our favourite industry resources is Velvet Chainsaw, a small, smart company that is not afraid to say out loud how to make meetings of all shapes and sizes better – better for every single stakeholder, with a focus (of course) on the participant. In this post, Sarah Michel provides her take on networking, or as she calls it NetWORTHing(R).

We have already seen that the world is a digital, mobile-enabled place, and in this post we’re going to look at how a well-designed mobile event app can help people become more comfortable with first meeting people, then connecting with them, and allowing these connections to build into a real conversation and perhaps, eventually, a deeper relationship at your meetings.


Pain Point: I won’t/don’t know anyone at the event

Mobile event app components that will make this pain disappear:

Attendee List: Releasing the app at least two weeks ahead of your event and including a complete Attendee List in it allows participants to see who they might know there or people they would be interested in meeting.

In-app Messaging: This is a great way to set up a time to meet on-site or let someone know you would like to meet them on-site and why – maybe you have a mutual acquaintance or a shared interest or they wrote an article you enjoyed reading. It is as easy as a click, is unobtrusive, and eases the anxiety of not knowing anyone!


Pain Point: I am already overwhelmed with the size of this conference!

Mobile event app components that will make this pain disappear:

Schedule, Exhibitors and Documents: Before the event, attendees can go through the app and add the sessions they are interested in, the exhibitors they want to make sure they stop by, and even the information they want to make sure they retain for later. All of this makes navigating the show more comfortable from the beginning, and the brain can focus on learning and connecting.


Pain Point: I am not comfortable talking to new people. What if we don’t have anything to talk about?

Mobile event app components that will make this pain disappear:

Like-minded Functionality: Imagine opening your event app, filling in a short survey about yourself and your interests (for example) and bam! You are connected to people you now have visible commonalities with – beyond the fact that you’re at the same meeting – and conversation starters, too. Send them an in-app message and start building a connection!


Pain Point: I don’t want to voice my opinion or ask my question in front of a room full of people

Mobile event app components that will make this pain disappear:

Social Features: These allow conversations to take place on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or even the internal enterprise platform you choose where your community already has a voice.

Live Q & A: Easily send up a question to a speaker using the app so a moderator can ask it on your behalf.

Use Crowdsourcing or SpeakOut: Event apps have internal micro-blog functions that help generate discussions, and allow users to share ideas and comments with other. As they come from sessions into breaks, these conversations are often continued in the hallways.


Most common attendee pain points can be greatly minimized with the help of an event app. To learn more about how event apps can benefit your attendees and improve your event, request a personalized demo with one of our product specialists.

What are some other common pain points faced by attendees? Sound off in the comments section, or tweet us @QuickMobile!