Thoughts on Technology Integration for Meetings and Events

How Event App Integration Impacted Technology

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Putting on a great event is a feat in itself. With thousands of moving parts to keep track of, the complexities of event planning are nothing short of epic. But when the dust settles and the event is done, there is one thing that continues to live on—the event data.

Recently I spoke at a GBTA event about mobile technologies in managed travel. It occurred to me that in comparison with the meetings and events industry, mobile technology in managed travel is simply not as advanced. I concluded that the enormous amount of system integrations necessary to create a managed travel app has inhibited its evolution. Travel management companies have to integrate ticketing systems, air travel, hotels, transport, duty of care and a mountain of additional disparate functions to deliver a fully versatile (and valuable) app for their end users.

Meanwhile, the meetings and events industry only required a single integration between the event app and a registration system. Once that fundamental integration was established, event app vendors were able to further the technology by creating features that focused on enhancing the attendee experience during events.


Typical Integrations for Meetings and Events

As time has marched along, I have seen a number of integration requests from customers looking to do even more with their meetings and events. Here are some of the more typical systems integrations we have seen and added, and why they are important:

  • Registration systems

    Transfers the list of attendees from the registration to the event app. It can sometimes include personal schedules and session registrations. Creates a seamless process between attendees signing up, and planners being able to account for each registration.

  • Scheduling software

    Often a robust scheduling system is needed to accommodate buyer/supplier meetings. Integrating this software allows participants to manage their own schedules and eliminates the need for additional event staff.

  • Resource libraries

    Allows planners to deliver large amounts of content to meetings and events in a way that is efficient to navigate, easily searchable and inexpensive to store.

  • Communication systems

    Utilize specialized chatting capabilities to accommodate the needs of a variety of attendees.

  • Games

    Create a new event experience with the help of specialized games to get attendees engaged and entertained.

These types of integrations often involve an incoming transfer of data in order to accommodate a specialized functionality within the event app.


Outgoing Data Source Integrations

There is however another relatively untapped source of valuable event data that can be unlocked and exploited by outgoing integrations—the capture of attendee behavioural activity. To this end, QuickMobile’s event app includes an out-of-the-box integration with the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Salesforce.

This integration transforms attendee interests into customer insights. Imagine being able to provide leads, complete with activity data from meetings and events (aka actual topics of interest for each attendee), to your sales department. It paves the way for informed conversations and meaningful relationships between your sales teams and your prospects.

Integrating with Salesforce’s CRM allowed QuickMobile to provide additional value to meetings and events. Providing behavioural data sets the stage for deeper lead insights and the ability to tie into campaign activities. Since Salesforce integrates with numerous marketing automation products, the data transferred from the event app becomes highly actionable with current technology stacks, making the event data more valuable than ever.


In Conclusion

Take the plunge. Start using your attendee data to drive additional value from your meetings and events. QuickMobile integrates with Salesforce’s CRM and most of the industry’s leading registration systems.

Contact us if want to know more about QuickMobile’s tech integrations, or if you want to connect your system to our event app. We are constantly adding to our list of supported integrations and chances are, we can help you do even more with your event data.

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