Stress Relief at Work for Office-Bound Event Planners

5 Stress relief methods you can do from your desk

Event planners are basically busy—and stressed out—all year round.

And although we would love to go to the spa or spend a weekend with a good TV show, it’s not always possible to devote a lot of time to de-stressing. Especially if you’re in the office for a while, it can be hard for a corporate event planner to step away from the desk and mentally reset.

Ironically this means that corporate event planners are sometimes so stressed out that they can’t go de-stress—thus adding to their existing stress.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of stress-relief methods that corporate event planners can use from the comfort of their desks. And all of them take 5 minutes or less.


Method 1: Bring in some tea

I’m not telling you to put down the coffee.

Most event organizers I know live off coffee. What I am suggesting is occasionally swapping the caffeine out for something else—decaf if you can stand it, or tea.

Some teas, like camomile or mint, are well known for their ability to relax and de-stress. They (and other herbal teas) are also caffeine free! If you’re headed to the kettle to get that mid-afternoon mug of coffee anyway, swap it out for tea and feel yourself relax as you prepare for that next vendor call.

If you don’t like drinking tea, that’s fine too. Make yourself some tea, leave it on your desk, and breathe in the soothing aromatic steam.


Method 2: Food that makes you happy

Exercise is a great stress reliever—but that doesn’t mean a corporate event planner can turn around and warrior pose on the office floor when they need a break.

The secret is that exercise gives you endorphins, the ‘happiness hormone’, which lessens pain and decreases stress.

We’ve talked before about how snacks can improve productivity and brain function (thus being great additions to any meeting), but I’m here today to tell you that chocolate creates endorphins too.

That’s right. Chocolate is perfect stress relief for corporate event planners.

The next time you or a fellow planner is getting a bit tense in the shoulders, just have a little bit of chocolate.


Method 3: Listen to something soothing

If you have a couple of stressful emails to respond to, or are not looking forward to a desk-bound afternoon, get some stress relief at work by breaking out those earbuds and listening to something soothing.

Music has a powerful ability to make us feel things. Corporate event planners can take advantage of this by listening to certain types of music or particular—classical is a good bet, and others swear by the New Age genre.

Scientists have even created The Most Relaxing Tune Ever, which is worth a shot if you’re an especially stressed out planner.

If that song doesn’t work for you, you can always try a few different things. Look up relaxing music on Youtube, or listen through your own music list to find a few that help you.


Method 4: Establish a routine

This one is the long game. When work stress seems to be out of your control, establishing a routine in the office can go a long way to decrease stress and anxiety levels for corporate event planners.

If you have certain tasks that need to be done consistently—checking social media around the event, or updating the info in the event app—set a certain time of day when you should get it done. This can help make your whole day more efficient and productive, and also provides a mental break from the other tasks that you’re doing.

Having an effective routine can lead to better sleep, better use of time, and an increased ability to stay on top of things that need to be done.

As a bonus, even if you’ve already finished the set task, you still have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re getting your work done.


Method 5: Talk to someone

Mental health gets a bad rep.

With stress, it can sometimes be the most helpful to simply talk to someone about the issues. Whether that’s a mental healthcare professional, or a trusted friend or family member, talking about the factors that are stressing you out is cathartic, helps to relieve the stress, and gives you the opportunity to brainstorm ways to resolve the issue.

Because event planners often deal with so much stress, it’s important to have strong professional and personal support networks.


So why is being an event coordinator stressful?

We’ve seen widespread acknowledgement from outside the industry that being an event organizer is stressful. Very stressful.

A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that the event itself is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what an event planner is actually working on. Months before the event takes place, an event coordinator is:

  • checking out venues and vendors
  • allocating the limited budget between too many items
  • deciding on and organizing deliveries
  • contacting potential speakers
  • promoting the event
  • advertising to potential attendees

And that’s just the prep work! Event planners are also constantly travelling, and have to stay on top of it throughout the event, not to mention all of the troubleshooting and damage control that they have to do.


How Event Planners Can Manage Stress

A lot of things are outside of an event organizer’s control—whether the attendees like the food, if the wi-fi can carry all the attendees, the weather—and sometimes it seems like the stress just comes with the job.

But there are ways for corporate event planners to manage stress and ultimately create a better working environment for themselves. Whether that’s a small change like tea instead of coffee, or a big lifestyle change outside of work, it’s important for event organizers to manage stress in healthy ways.



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