Solve Enterprise Event Marketing with Social Media

You’re probably already using social media to promote your organization. When used correctly, it can be a powerful marketing tool. Social media can also be a powerful tool for enterprise event marketing. Utilizing social media for promoting your enterprise event can help maximize exposure for your next event.

What social media platforms can you use to assist with your enterprise event marketing, and how?


LinkedIn is enterprise social networking platform intended for professionals to connect with like-minded business people. It is the fastest-growing social network, with approximately 430 million users. What makes LinkedIn an impressive tool for marketing enterprise events is that it tends to be highly targeted. Nearly 3 out of every 100 visitors to your LinkedIn page will convert into leads.

How can you use LinkedIn for enterprise event marketing?

Post regular status updates about the event to your company page, personal page, or both! Another good idea is to leverage relevant, existing discussion groups on LinkedIn to get the word out about your event. LinkedIn also has showcase pages, which are an extension of your company page. You can create a showcase page just to post information, resources, and updates for your event.


Twitter is a great platform for promoting your enterprise event. It has a plethora of advertising capabilities and produces results, fast. Twitter has approximately 319 million active users per month, with roughly 500 million tweets sent every day. Imagine the type of exposure your event will receive from sending out daily tweets.

How can you use Twitter for enterprise event marketing?

You can create a hashtag specific to your enterprise event. Anytime you tweet about the event, use the hashtag with it for easy tracking later on. In addition, the same hashtag can be used across all social media channels for consistency. Having a hashtag also makes it easy for attendees to quickly and easily look up your event information on Twitter.

Twitter is also a very interactive platform. You can get speakers from your event to join in on the conversation on Twitter using your hashtag and Twitter handle. It’s a great way to build authority on the event, as well as influential relationships.


Facebook is a powerful platform to increase traffic to your event, and more importantly, reach the largest targeted audience on any social media channel. Facebook boasts 1.7 billion users and 40 million business pages.

How can you use Facebook for enterprise event marketing?

A good place to start is by creating a Facebook page specific to your enterprise event. Creating a page for your event is completely free, and from there you can choose to pay for Facebook ads, which is great for engagement, though not necessary. A great feature Facebook has is having videos auto-play on timelines. Videos are a great way to show, not just tell, people why it’s worth attending your event. Facebook is particularly attuned to video, with posts containing videos achieving a significantly higher reach than those without.

Use social media to promote your enterprise event

There are a number of ways to use social media for enterprise event marketing. Try out a variety of strategies, and use multiple social media channels in conjunction for maximum exposure.

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