Take Advantage of Social Learning with a Mobile Event App

Bring Attendees Beyond the Classroom with Mobile Technology

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It’s time to bring the traditional training event up to speed with new ways of learning.

Training magazine’s industry report showed that in the U.S. alone, training expenditure soared upwards by 14.2%. At the same time, an increasing amount of employee training is breaking away from the usual classroom setting and is exploring exciting new territory—blending techniques that incorporate sharing technologies and social learning.

This shift has been made possible in part due to a growing movement towards adopting a mobile event app at training events. From interactive activities, to discussion forums, to personalized schedules and more, a mobile event app can help you increase productivity and efficiency at your next training event.

Building on Social Learning

Whether we realize or not, social learning means that all of us are learning at every moment, through observation and participation.

By encouraging attendees to utilize their mobile event app to participate, you can drive them to join in on discussions with presenters and other attendees. Quizzes, surveys, and other methods of assessment help attendees evaluate information as they receive it, allowing them to self- and peer-validate the information, and more easily retain what they are learning.

Mobile training apps can also allow attendees to build an individualized social learning experience. Personalized schedules help attendees by making it easy to keep on top of the topics that most interest them, and features that match attendees to like-minded peers can allow them to get in touch with one another. Attendees are able to tailor their experiences by seeking out relevant learning opportunities.

By allowing attendees to keep their focus on their professional development objectives, a event training app can help attendees maximize the benefits of social learning.

Going Beyond the Classroom

Interaction outside of the classroom environment is an important aspect of learning that enhances an attendee’s engagement and retention. Being able to interact with the learning outside of the classroom allows an attendee to understand the information within the context of their regular working lives.

Communication systems available in-app can encourage attendees to connect with other attendees, and can facilitate working relationships that allow them to continue to learn after the end of the event.

Encouraging discussion about relevant topics, in the in-app forums or through shared documents, allows attendees to maintain engagement with what they are learning. Attendees can also easily contact their peers, through messaging or other app features, in order to discuss and explore what they have learned. Social media platforms are another great way for attendees to bring their training outside of the classroom, by offering new ways to join in on an increasingly collaborative world.

The ability to share knowledge and individual experiences is a vital part of continued learning. Mobile apps can help attendees personalize knowledge through social learning, and create added value that will last beyond the scope of your training event.


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