Why Santa is the Ultimate Event Planner & What You can Learn

3 lessons an event planner can learn from Santa

Event planners work hard all year, and it’s no secret they have very busy, stressful jobs. But for one event planner in particular, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. While everyone else is taking time off work to relax and spend time with family, one event planner is working tirelessly to pull off the biggest event of the year. This event takes place on one universal day and spans across the globe with billions of attendees. This event is Christmas, and that makes Santa Claus the ultimate event planner.

So what can event planners learn from the ultimate planner, the man in red himself? Here are 3 lessons:


1. Have a reliable support team

While Santa Claus often gets all the credit, he doesn’t pull off the world’s biggest event all on his own. He has a reliable team of elves backing him! Christmas wouldn’t be possible without the help of his elves. And of course, we can’t forget his team of reindeer.

Lesson: Like Santa Claus, event planners can rely on the help of a team. Sometimes, it isn’t humanly possible to complete every single task yourself, so having the help of people you trust goes a long way.


2. Plan ahead & make lists

Santa Claus is a big planner. He makes lists and checks them twice, ensuring his database of attendees is up to date and categorized appropriately (i.e. naughty or nice). He pretty much plans all year for his event, right down to the very last minute. And as soon as Christmas has passed, he starts planning for next Christmas.

Lesson: A lot can change over the course of planning an event, so it’s important for an event planner to plan as far ahead as possible. Take notes, make lists and keep track of every detail to stay on top of any issue as it arises.


3. Promote the event & promote it early

Christmas is one of the most widely known events of the year. This is because Santa promotes his event all winter! Have you ever noticed that almost as soon as it hits November first, stores start selling Christmas décor, TV starts airing Christmas movies and shows and radio stations start playing Christmas songs? This is all part of Santa’s event marketing strategy.

Lesson: What an event planner can learn from Santa Claus is to promote your event like crazy, and promote it early! Your event won’t be successful unless it’s widely attended – and how will anyone know about if it isn’t promoted?


Santa Claus is a mysterious man full of wonder and magic. But there’s no denying his event planning abilities! There are many lessons we can learn from Santa about pulling off even the biggest, most impractical events.

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