Sales Kickoff Mastery (Part 2 of 2)

Managing the Sales Team’s Expectations

Your sales kickoff is underway, the sessions are fully planned, the venue is spectacular and the food is ready to go. Now you sit back and wait for the feedback from the sales team… You know the event’s objectives intimately well, but how about the attendees’ expectations?

In part one of this series, we discussed an event owner’s main objectives for a sales kickoff, and how event planners can use mobile apps to meet and exceed them. But that is only half the story; the true indicator to your event’s success is how well the kickoff is received by attendees. And that means getting familiar with the objectives of the sales team.

Knowing Your Audience

To fully understand the motivations, tastes and expectations of your sales team, you have to understand who they are. In a recent article, revealed the results of a survey that shared some the of the traits of an outstanding sales person, which includes the following:
• A “Hunter” mentality
• Charisma
• Intelligence, personality and drive
• People skills
• Tenacity
• Confidence
By using tactics that cater to the typical traits of top sales persons during the event, you can create a kickoff that allows the top-performers to shine and create opportunities for the whole team to engage and learn by example.

The Secret Is In the App

With a firm understanding of the attendee list and the characters that lie within, the event owner can use the app to create kickoff experiences that meet the objectives of the sales team, whether that includes doing motivational exercises, sharing success stories, improving sales techniques or having a bit of fun in the process. While the content will vary from company to company, the mechanics of accomplishing all this can be provided during the kickoff via a mobile app in exciting and engaging ways.

And it will feed the personalities of your outstanding salespersons in the process.

Find Out More

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