Sales Kickoff Mastery (Part 1 of 2)

Objectives for the event owner

No one doubts the necessity of a Sales Kickoff — but how can you capitalize on their potential for success?

Despite an increasingly digital world, Sales Kickoffs (SKOs) still remain a largely analog type of event. Vorsight’s Sales Kickoff Research showed that 96.9% of SKOs are done live and in person, and that 61% of organizers spend a minimum of $1000 per attendee.

These staggeringly high numbers of face-to-face encounters and cost per person mean that not only do SKOs need to be motivating and fun for attendees, but they need to be effective, productive and easy to manage. In short, they need to successfully meet an increasingly wide range of objectives.

Whether that’s motivating the sales team or teaching necessary skills, an all-encompassing mobile event app can keep the lines of communication open and skyrocket your SKO to new heights.

In this first part of our “Sales Kickoff Mastery” Series, we’ll discuss some of the ways that an SKO event app can help event owners meet those goals. Skip ahead to read part two here.

Building Team Camaraderie

Team-building is essential for sustaining a motivated and cohesive sales team, and a mobile event app provides opportunities both on and off the show floor.

SKO app features allow attendees to socialize within the parameters of the event and help them bond over activities and lessons that they are engaging in—increasing the likelihood that they will participate.

Photo galleries and messaging boards are a great way for attendees to share their experiences at the SKO, allowing them to interact with one another, and begin to build relationships that last beyond the scope of the presentations. Other features such as profile-matching or messaging can help attendees to connect with other like-minded individuals and encourage communication between team members—increasing the overall productivity of the sales team.

A little friendly competition can also improve team cohesion by leaps and bounds. A well thought-out gamification structure can drive attendees to engage in the SKO and create stronger relationships with each other. For example, imagine a scavenger hunt where teams attend different seminars to access certain topics of knowledge and thus gain gamification points. This not only increases the information recall of participants, but also encourages them to interact with one another competitively and cooperatively.

Driving attendees to engage further into the seminars is a great way to motivate attendees and help the sales team build a sense of camaraderie.

Transferring Knowledge and Skills

SKOs are the perfect opportunity to teach new skills for the upcoming fiscal year. Just as importantly, they can encourage sales team members to share their thoughts and learn from one another.

Skills development is vital at every stage of a career. An app that provides access to important documents, videos, and other content pieces is as impactful as having venues where team members can share their thoughts and engage in discussion. Live polling during a presentation can ensure that presenters are adequately covering the points most needed by attendees and create tailored and relevant learning experiences.

It’s also important to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between attendees by allowing them to share their field experiences via features such as surveys or discussion boards. Allowing success stories to gain recognition from the community can go a long way to increase morale and motivation for every member of your team. The ability to share win/loss experiences helps your sales team respond more effectively when faced with obstacles and helps foster mentoring relationships that encourage continued learning well after the event.

Ultimately, the purpose of SKOs is to equip the sales team with everything they need to meet and exceed the quota for the coming year. For event owners, a mobile app can help attendees connect with each other, engage with presenters, and fuel the success of your SKO to new heights.

Download the white paper below to find out how you can deliver an app that skyrockets your sales teams to new heights or click here to see a demo by an event app design expert.