Real-Time Feedback with Audience Engagement Tools

What is Live Insights & How Does it Work?

This blog was originally published on April 21, 2016, based on an article published in the IMEX Frankfurt Daily Paper. It has been edited for updates and accuracy.

Big Brother has been doing it for years. American Idol followed suit. Major TV networks use it to gauge public sentiment during national elections. Now, event planners can take advantage of the same audience engagement tools to gather real-time feedback during events. Just over a year ago, QuickMobile released Live Insights, an audience polling and feedback system accessed through attendees’ smartphones and other mobile devices. Our former CMO, Julie Bevacqua shared at the time of the release:

“Everyone wants to feel part of an event, to have their voice heard, and to know their opinion matters. So we created a unique tool that lets attendees provide feedback, ask questions, and collaborate with others—all in real-time.”

Today, Live Insights is one of our most heavily used event app features!


How Live Insights Works

During the event, attendees access Live Insights through their mobile devices. Users can respond to a poll by simply tapping their screens to register their opinion (e.g. strongly agree, disagree), answer surveys and multiple choice questions, or participate in group chats.

With both rating and polling functions, Live Insights enables meeting planners to gauge audience sentiment, respond to questions, and encourage participation. Polling questions can be pre-planned or created in the moment to measure attendee comprehension and allow for instant decision-making. Real-time results can be displayed on the screen, integrated into PowerPoint, and pushed to participants’ devices.


Real-Time Feedback for Speakers

During presentations, Live Insights provides speakers with greater control over how they interact with audiences. Presenters can launch a poll, push the results to the audience, and continue with the presentation simply by advancing their PowerPoint slides. Based on audience feedback, speakers can adjust their presentation on-the-fly, or answer pressing questions to further increase audience engagement. Bevacqua added:

“Live Insights is an industry first. This unique tool takes meetings to a whole new level by allowing everyone to get involved in a way that is easily manageable for organizers.”


The Power of Audience Engagement Tools

Audience engagement tools are gaining traction in the events industry, as the audience demand to be an active participant in the event increases. Live Insights allows attendees to immerse themselves in the event, and actively participate during sessions. It’s also a great way for event planners to track and prove the level of engagement during specific sessions, making it easier to make informed decisions for future events.

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