Product Update: Reaching New Milestones

An Overview of QuickMobile's Latest Product Update

Over this past quarter, we’ve been developing some exciting features in our event app platform so that event planners can delight and engage attendees securely and effortlessly.

Among the larger projects was our very own GDPR compliance – which is timely, as GDPR enforcement comes into effect on May 25, 2018. Along the way, we have created a number of resources to help event planners with their own GDPR initiatives.

Here are the exciting product feature advancements that we released this year;


New Milestone: 25 Languages

With our latest release, we have added Thai and Vietnamese to our list of languages – making QuickMobile one of the most international event apps on the market (totaling 25 languages supported!).

It is important to note that many event app providers require organizers to purchase a different app for each provided language. With QuickMobile, all attendees access the same app and the mobile device’s default language will determine the configured language of the event app.


Jailbroken/Rooted Devices

During 2017, Apple has had an increasingly stringent focus on the security of the iOS operating system. At the heart of this initiative is a concept called “sandboxing”, where an app is isolated inside the operating system and is allowed controlled access to the device’s components. The way to get around this control is called “Jailbreaking”.

A user performs a series of procedures and installations of modified (and possibly nefarious) applications that circumvent the security and control. Google’s operating system – Android also has an equivalent to this called “Rooting”.

There are many reasons why someone would jailbreak an iPhone or root an Android device. Companies that support a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy typically do not want these types of compromised devices accessing their network.

QuickMobile can detect if a mobile device’s operating system has been compromised and prevents the installation of the event app. This protects a corporate network from security breaches at a device level.


App Transport Security

App Transport Security (or ATS for short) is an Apple best practice, which enforces all communications through HTTPS. QuickMobile event apps encrypt and secure all event app data, with the exception of web views – links in the event app to external web content. By enabling ATS support, QuickMobile minimizes risk by ensuring that any content we connect to is accomplished via the more secure HTTPS protocol.


iPhone X Support

Apple has released the iPhone X that features a new screen design that no longer contains a home button and features what is called the “Notch” (the black area housing the flash and camera). We have taken measures to ensure that iPhone X users have an elegant user experience in the event app with their new devices without planners having to re-dimension their event app’s creative images.

We utilize Apple’s new Face ID, which enables users to log back into their event app using a facial recognition scan. The QuickMobile app will automatically sense an iPhone X and utilize Face ID to log an attendee into the event app. If an older iPhone is being used, QuickMobile will continue to leverage Touch ID as a way to authenticate users into the event app.


As product enhancements are the core of our innovation, we would love to hear your thoughts on this release. Feel free to contact our event app experts for a demonstration or tweet us at @QuickMobile.