Product Update: Raising the Bar

Mark Twain once penned “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Here at QuickMobile, we create our products with a simple end goal: providing meeting planners with the means to create elegant apps that enhance the event experience for attendees.

Recently, we jumped ahead of our typical development cycle and added a couple of bite-sized features into our technology stack (and into event planners’ hands.) Having a market-driven product roadmap means we work closely with our customers to develop feature sets that really matter to event planners. This month’s release elevates the attendee experience by enhancing our existing technology.

To begin, we’ve enriched the base functionality of our real-time productivity tool “Annotate PDF”. The popularity of the feature meant that people were jotting down so many notes, and drawing out so many figures on their PDF files that they were starting to get lost in the mix! A new annotation history list allows users to not only see all the annotations they have made but also easily jump to them in the document. This time-saver caters to the annotation super-users and allows them pinpoint specific notes in large documents.

Our social component has also received some attention in this release. During the last version update, we expanded the “liking” functionality to several areas of our product, including exhibitors, sessions and speakers. Now one can’t really expect to “like” something and not leave a comment… so we added commenting across the board. Now attendees can leave their thoughts in various areas of the app including photos, speakers and sessions. If the event does not have social goals, “liking and commenting” can simply be turned off to align with the desired event atmosphere.

Finally, we’ve re-designed the user interface for our Multi-Event customers. For those planners who have many separate events within a single mobile app, we have streamlined the entire user experience. A user can now jump seamlessly between a sales kick-off to a tradeshow with a richer, more graphical journey between the two events. Additionally, this provides enterprises with the capability to house many different events such as kick-offs, tradeshows, strategic meetings, and incentive trips all within a single mobile app.

Methodical and strategic advancement have always been at the core of our mission as we design innovative technologies that elevate communication and collaboration for event planners and their attendees. We do this one step at a time, several times a year. If you have any event app features you would like to see come to life, feel free to contact me!