The Power of the Event App Activity Feed

4 Ways You can Benefit from an Activity Feed

The modern attendee wants their event app experience to mimic that of their favorite social apps. Because of this shift in usage, it’s important for event planners to incorporate social sharing into their event and event tech. That is where the activity feed on your event app comes in handy.

What is an Activity Feed?

An activity feed is the digital voice of your event. It is the central hub for all-things event. Sudden schedule changes, venue information, breakout sessions, after party, social posts, user-generated content (such as photos) and more show up on the activity feed.

Having an activity feed on your event app can greatly improve the attendee experience. Below are 4 ways you can benefit from an event app activity feed:


1. Improve Attendee Engagement

An activity feed can increase attendee engagement at your event. It allows attendees to post photos, comment and like other attendees posts, view attendees Twitter posts and more. A great way to further boost engagement is by having a social wall at the event that displays the activity feed. Attendees can see the activity feed update in real-time without even opening the app.

Using an event hashtag, attendees can post on Twitter directly through the app and the posts will appear on the activity feed. This allows attendees to stay up to date on social media related to the event without having to ever exit the event app. It’s an engaging way for attendees to access all the event-related information in one place.


2. Promote Fun Content & Attendee Connections

The activity feed contains not only important information regarding the event, but also fun user-generated content. From photos to social media posts, attendees can share their content to the activity feed as well as participate in other attendees content by liking or commenting on it. This is a great way to encourage social activity via your event app.

Interacting with fun user generated content also results in attendees making connections with one another. Because of this, an activity feed can facilitate networking in an indirect way.


3. Keep Vendors & Sponsors Happy

Keep your vendors and sponsors happy by allowing them access to the event app. They can post on the activity feed about their products or services, or ask attendees to visit their booth for a giveaway. Posting on the activity feed can help them build awareness and gain foot traffic to their booth. In addition, it helps inform attendees of useful vendors they may not otherwise know about.


4. Update Attendees on After Parties

The event doesn’t stop after the final keynote speaks! Often, there are post-event parties at different venues. An activity feed is a great way to post regular updates in a visible area about what the after party is, where it is and when it is. Or have fun with it by posting teaser photos of a secret location until the after party to build buzz.


You can get creative with your activity feed and design it however you’d like. But ultimately, it should be used to benefit the attendee and designed in a way that is similar to the social apps they use on a daily basis. Having an activity feed appeals to today’s tech-savvy attendees and will help immerse your audience in the event itself.

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