Plan Better Corporate Meetings with a Multi-Event App

Of the 1.8 million events that take place annually, 52% are corporate meetings and enterprise events, with many organizations having hundreds of events a year. When planning multiple events, organizations can face several challenges. Because of this, many organizations are embracing mobile, in particular, a multi-event app, as a way to overcome them.

How Can a Multi-Event App Help?

A multi-event app is a single app container that holds multiple events. This means that attendees only have to download one app to access one, or a number of an organization’s events, and an event owner only has to configure one app.

For organizations that host multiple events a year, creating a new app for each event can be time-consuming and tedious. A single branded multi-event app saves time and can serve as the foundation for all corporate meetings and events.

Below is a list of benefits to having a multi-event app for corporate meetings and events:

1. Consistent Branding

A multi-event app ensures consistent branding across all corporate meetings and events. Once the master app is built, the branding elements are locked in, providing a consistent look and feel for every event in the container. The event app is entirely branded to convey the unique visual identity of each event.

2. Better Networking

Networking is made easy by allowing attendees to connect with each other via the event app’s messaging tools. Using login credentials, the event app can unlock certain networking features based on an attendees department, industry, skill set, or other traits. In addition, it allows for networking based on the type of corporate meetings people are attending.

3. Improved Content Creation & Sharing

A multi-event app provides a way for event owners, presenters and attendees to create and distribute information. Event owners can share relevant articles, promotional materials, and information from previous corporate meetings. Attendees can also contribute content through photo sharing, surveys, polls, comments and more.

4. Enhanced Engagement

Most meeting planners are looking for new ways to engage attendees. By aggregating content and integrating features, organizations can offer a unified, convenient event app experience that immerses attendees in the event. Offering real-time feedback, posting comments, adding photos and networking with like-minded individuals are all ways a multi-event app turns the attendees from a passive audience member into an active participant.

5. Full Security

A multi-event app includes security features that make sure attendees can only access the content they are authorized to see based on their credentials and the events they are registered for. Depending on the corporate meetings they are registered to attend, an attendee will only be able to receive and share certain information. In addition, the ability to integrate with an organization’s internal security policies is a critical component to a multi-event app. This ensures the app fully complies with the organization’s standards in order to protect proprietary information. For example, multi-event apps provide single sign-on for all events, allowing organizations to centrally control which information is accessible by each individual.

The Impact of Multi-Event Apps on Corporate Meetings

Multi-event apps are becoming central to the planning, delivery, effectiveness and participation of a corporate meeting or enterprise event. In addition to carrying the company brand, a multi-event app facilitates networking and content sharing throughout the year, extending and enhancing conversations that strengthen relationships between organizations and their most important assets.

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