Product Update: New Event App Features & Greater Engagement

Another industry first

As mobile technologies advance, our devices open up new worlds of capability and functionality. With the arrival of the iPhone 6s, Apple started an interface revolution -all based off how deeply users press on the display of their devices. Now your event app will never feel the same again.

Event apps with the right touch

To add to our already expansive list of industry-first innovations, we have recently added the power of Apple’s 3D Touch to our event app platform. This means that your QuickMobile event app can now make use of “Quick Actions” which let users access menu functionality with a press on the home screen or within the app. They can easily launch an event, schedule a meeting or send a message without consuming time by having to navigate around the various areas of the app.

Or they can use what Apple calls “Peek and Pop” -which allows your attendees to preview content and act on it without having to actually open it. Your users can press a little deeper to pop into an attendee’s profile, look at a photo, read a session description or check out a speaker bio –all which can be accessed easily via the 3D Touch technology. Your attendees can also complete essential tasks quickly and simply or engage in your event app with minimal navigation with this enhanced attendee experience.

We didn’t stop there

In order to better support medical and academic events, we now support what is commonly referred to as a “sub-session”. Meeting planners often need the ability to divide a session into several presentations that contain unique information such as time, location, speakers, surveys, documents and descriptions. Furthermore, an event planner can also group his or her sessions into a parent session and provide additional detail than what was previously possible in a typical “track” grouping.

In the end, sub-sessions allow planners to group and display an event agenda that is descriptive in nature and intuitive for attendees.

Enhanced activity feed

The activity feed has always been a primary communication tool for event planners and allows them to disperse information efficiently and inspire attendees to engage with the event. The latest QuickMobile release includes enhancements that make the feed more enjoyable and interactive by including speakouts – an internal message board designed to permit attendees to express themselves while providing moderation controls to planners.

As the event app’s activity feed increases in magnitude, it becomes necessary to keep important announcements at the top of the feed so that they can be seen each time the app is launched. To this end, event planners can now pin one or more announcements to the top of the stream for pre-determined durations. This ensures that certain messages are not lost in the feed stream during the event.

Interested in finding out more? Or do you have any event app features you would like to see come to life? Contact us anytime!