The New Attendee Experience: Contextualized and Personalized

If “Location, location, location” is real estate’s gospel, then “context, context, context” is the tenet of attendee experience. It’s all about creating content and moments tailored to individual interests that compel attendees to engage—to share and connect and learn from not only the speakers, but from each other.

In EventMB’s ebook Engaging Events, Kevin Jackson comments that in the space of ten years, audiences have gone from ‘make me listen,’ to ‘make me care,’ and now to ‘make me part of the story.’ Attendees crave individualized, hyper-personalized experiences in which they are not just participants but co-creators of the experience. By contextualizing the attendee experience, event planners can deliver relevant, tailored experiences that meet individual user needs by combining historical, behavioral, and profile data with real-time situational feedback. And the secret weapon for delivering a contextualized attendee experience? The mobile event app.

As the foremost live interaction tool for events, the mobile event app fosters engagement by involving attendees in a continuous, interactive stream of communication. Whether it’s live Q&A, gamification, or discussion forums, live interaction fosters participation and creates conversations and relationships that continue long after the closing session. And event planners are taking notice of the long-lasting benefits of the immersive attendee experience. Indeed, attendee networking and live polling—both interactive and experiential elements of an event—have come to light as the most important mobile app features.

Mobile apps bring events to life; they help create an attendee experience that values attendees as participants, as co-creators of the experience—even co-creators of content. And by using the mobile app to gather implicit data—the digital footprints left behind by attendees’ live interactions—, event planners can leverage data-driven marketing to shape future events and personalize content in alignment with individual interests and needs.