Help Audiences Break the Ice and Network using Meeting Apps

One of the top reasons to attend events is to network and make new connections; however not everyone is excited about networking with strangers. After all, according to Quiet by Susan Cain nearly one in three Americans are introverts.

Meeting apps allow for a variety of interactions and an unintimidating means of communication without the pressure of walking up to someone in a crowded room. When used correctly, conference apps are the sharpest tool in your kit for helping your attendees break the ice regardless of where they stand on the introversion-extroversion spectrum. To name a few examples of use:


Announce who’s coming

Encourage attendees to check out the attendee list on your conference app ahead of time so that they can reach out to those they would like to talk to at the event. They will be able to pre-arrange meetings using in-app messaging, and the preparation will lessen the intimidation factor.


Offer profile matching at your event

Profile matching features, such as Like Minded, are useful functions where the conference app matches attendees based on their preferences and commonalities. It is a great way for attendees to make new friends with common ground.


Integrate with social networks

Leverage your app’s ability to integrate with social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter, so that people can link their in-app bios to personal social profiles, making themselves easy to find and connect with online.



You can use #hashtags to start conversations by tagging questions or relevant content. Attendees will be able to share their thoughts and be a part of discussions that they are able to continue when they meet in person.


There is a reason we all start having more fun—and so get more value out of an interaction—once we have really gotten a chance to connect. Let your conference app lead the way and help your attendees pack home great new connections at the close of your event.