Motivating Attendees with Gamification

3 Guidelines for Determining if Gamification is Right for Your Event

Before you start building a game into your mobile app, it’s important to first determine if gamification is right for you.

Gamification is the application of game theory – competition, achievements, and rewards – to non-game situations. Meetings and events fit the bill perfectly due to their inherently social and motivational nature. Whether the goal is knowledge transfer, networking, motivation or sales, gamifying the event is a powerful way of guiding attendees toward desired behavior and increasing the likelihood of achieving stakeholder objectives.

Recently we’ve been talking about the power of gamification and how it is one of the best ways to motivate your audience to accomplish what you want and measure your results.

That said gamification may not be suitable for every type of meeting or event, or even every type of audience.

Here are 3 guidelines to help you determine if gamification is right for your event:


1. Understand Your Audience

Neither age nor gender is necessarily a barrier (1 in 4 gamers is over the age of 50, and 52% of them are women), but games aren’t a sure thing with every group, meeting type, or size.

Typically the larger event the better, but even a small internal event can be gamified to encourage the desired behavior.


2. Align the game with your corporate and event goals

For example, your user conference is designed to build loyalty, grow revenue, and encourage networking. The revenue goal is clearly also a corporate goal. The game should encourage behavior that supports all these objectives.


3. Create Clear, Defined, and Achievable Results

Every game needs rules to keep the playing field level for all participants. No one likes a game where the goals or challenges are unclear and the code of conduct is left to interpretation.

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