Mobile Apps Make Meetings More Effective

This post first appeared as a contributed article to the Meetings Show UK blog.

In a world of exploding email inboxes, social media noise, overwhelmed employees, and crowded conference halls, getting your message to your employees and attendees may seem insurmountable.

Fortunately, as more businesses shift to a Mobile Event 2.0 world—characterized by mobile apps that facilitate greater information sharing and collaboration—companies and industry trade groups are increasingly grasping the value of meeting apps as effective channels for streamlined and engaging communications.

With more enterprises adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and cloud services, mobile meeting apps are a natural next step for organizations, especially as more and more employees and attendees tote app-laden mobile devices.

Here are a few ways you can take advantage of mobile apps to make your meetings more effective and engaging:

Save important media on a central hub

It’s not easy to always be prepared for a meeting. Some attendees may forget to bring the right documents or there may not be enough copies to go around due to costs. One thing attendees will hardly be without? Their mobile devices.

With a mobile meeting app, you can easily upload, store and access all your meeting documents with just a touch. Now all your attendees have to do is go into the app and they will have everything they need to be successful and productive. You can even showcase blog posts, add pictures, and play videos – all within the app.

Have more interactive meetings

Meetings shouldn’t just be talking-head experiences, but it can also be difficult to get your attendees to speak up. Ensure that you get a dialogue going using in-app audience response features like live polling and surveys.

Surveys allow attendees to submit their questions, ideas and feedback without interrupting the flow of the meeting or being scared to voice their thoughts.
Be sure to leave time at the end of your meeting to address a few submissions and encourage conversations around them.

One way to use live polling is during larger meetings, where it’s usually difficult to get everyone’s opinions. Use the app to poll your attendees and then, aggregate the data for later analysis. Or for a real WOW factor, use a live poll during your presentation and immediately show the results to your attendees so you can better illustrate your talking points.

Create year-round conversations

A meeting app should have a built-in messaging platform that allows attendees to extend their conversations beyond the meeting. This helps them not only communicate and share valuable insights leading up to the meeting, but also provides them with a channel to continue the discussion and keep each other updated on action items.

You can even integrate the social platforms that your organization uses for internal communication, such as Chatter, Jive or Yammer. This gives your attendees a seamless experience and helps extend your company’s culture and communication policies on the app.

Keep everyone in the know

Let’s face it. Meetings can get rescheduled or canceled, speakers can change at the last minute, or meeting rooms can suddenly become unavailable. This is why it’s important to have an easy way to update attendees quickly.

Instead of sending a flurry of emails that could get lost in their inboxes, simply update your meeting app with the new information and send a push notification to each attendee’s device alerting them to any changes. Crisis averted!