Mobile Apps at Your Next Sales Kickoff

It’s that time of the year again. Time to reflect on last year, and set the stage for the new one. Your sales kickoff is a critical corporate event because it rallies the entire sales and sales support teams around the organization’s business goals and objectives. It is the single biggest internal platform for training, development, and brand activation your company has all year long.

Unlike other strategic meetings, planners have to worry about supporting and reinforcing training initiatives, keeping really busy people engaged and connected, and providing business critical content in the most accessible way possible. A mobile app can help you raise the bar on your next sales kickoff. Here are a few ways event apps achieve this:

The mobile version of a dinner gong

Do you have trouble “herding the cats” to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there? Put the event schedule on their smartphones and tablets for easier access anytime, anywhere.

Make it a competition

Sales professionals are naturally competitive so tap into their base instincts to keep them engaged throughout your event. Work with your event app developer to create an exciting game that plays into the competitive nature of the crowd, and also gets everyone involved in the sessions and activities.

Allow your participants to also upload and share photos from the different activities and events during the meeting. They can earn points for sharing and you get a visual storybook of how your sales kickoff unfolded.

Give them a push

It can be hard to make an announcement when sales execs are spread out all over the place. Use push notifications and messaging to get the word out to one and all!

Facilitate important connections

Networking with other members of the sales organization is important not only to the sales execs themselves, but also to the business they work for. The more connected sales execs are to each other, the more seamless the sales operations will be. This is especially true for larger, geographically diverse organizations – this sales kickoff may be the only time all year that everyone will be in the same room with each other!

With this in mind, you want to give attendees an easy way to connect and get to know each other during the event. Have all of your attendees listed within the app (including their headshots) so it’s easy for them to find and send messages to each other. They can even send around meeting invitations so they can connect further at the event.

Share valuable information

Does your client or boss have important documents and information to share with their sales execs? Load them into the app! You can include venue maps, slide presentations, activity details, training documents, and so on. Participants can even take important notes within the app so that they are sure not to miss any important detail.

Get a response

Want to get valuable information and feedback from the group? Use polls and surveys to get their opinions, input, suggestions, and more! You can even use it to test their knowledge of new product launches, features, pricing and more.

A few more ideas

Other helpful and memorable touches that you can integrate into your app include a video message from your CEO, information about the city and local area, and a feature that connects attendees based on their common interests and likes. There is no end to the things you can do with an event app to make your sales kickoff a huge success, so make this the year that you raise the bar to new heights!