Mobile App Mastery for Incentive Trips

A nationwide survey conducted by the Incentive Research Foundation in 2015 found that most respondents prefer travel over any other type of reward or incentive, including cash. A similar study by SITE and the Incentive Travel Council revealed that 88.6% of those who earned an incentive travel reward felt appreciated by the host company and 77% of reward earners said it increased their feeling of being part of the company.

In a study conducted by business analyst Aberdeen Group, a full 100% of Best in Class companies offered group travel, and 100% offered company-sponsored travel events to recognize year-end sales success.

Clearly, both winners and hosts recognize that incentive trips work by motivating, boosting performance, and inspiring loyalty within sales teams.

Incentive Trips and Mobile: A Perfect Fit

The goal of an incentive program is to stimulate the engagement and performance of employees. Although there are many ways to improve engagement, recognition and reward rank at the top. In today’s workforce, there is an expectation that incentive trips – the crown jewel of the incentive program – include a mobile component. It’s increasingly difficult to find any type of gathering that doesn’t include a mobile app, and incentive trips are no exception.
In fact, their very nature as busy, engaging and highly social experiences makes them a natural fit for a mobile dimension.

To demonstrate how a mobile app helps you get the most out of your incentive trips, let’s take a look at the 8 stages of a successful incentive trip and how mobile can help you get the most out of the experience.

Stage 1: Announcement

The first step is getting the word out about the upcoming trip. This can be done in a number of ways directly to the sales team, and must include both local and remote audiences: a team meeting, email blast, and building a dedicated website or intranet page are the most common methods.

A mobile app is a great tool for building interest, setting the tone, and generating excitement because it’s a highly personal and highly contextual experience, just like the trip itself.

Use these app components to build interest:
• Welcome Video announcing the trip venue
• Guide showing off the destination
• Info Booth to present all the program and trip details
• Schedule of events and activities
• Photo gallery of previous trips

Stage 2: Motivation

Maintaining excitement over the course of a program lasting several months or a year requires thoughtful execution. A lot depends on your audience and what truly motivates them, so as you design your program you should consider how a mobile app could help you achieve your objectives. Once announced, your goal is to build and sustain excitement about the trip itself.

Use these app components to motivate and inspire:

• Game Center to motivate potential guests, which could include a leaderboard that plays into their naturally competitive nature
• Push notifications to trigger desired behavior and share updates
• Surveys to get people engaged and involved
• Photo gallery for venues and activities
• A new Welcome Video from venue management
• Banners for sound bites that will help the trip go viral

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