Why a Meeting Planner Needs to Care About Event App Analytics

How to Use Analytics Help Plan Your Next Meeting

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Planning a meeting or event doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Oftentimes a meeting planner relies on colleagues to share their thoughts on how to improve, or use post-event surveys from attendees to find out what they want to see in the future. More importantly, event app analytics gives us the hard numbers to understand where we exceeded expectations or fell short. Here are three reasons why any meeting planner needs to care about event app analytics.


1. Event app analytics can inform how and when to market your event.

If your event app also serves as your registration or ticketing technology, sure enough there will be analytics to consider for event marketing purposes. If you’ve run a recurring meeting or event, pull the registration data: when did the most sign-ups occur? Did you sell out the first week registration was posted? Did a majority of the sign-ups occur in the last week it was open?

Knowing this data can help inform when you need to kick your event marketing into high gear. If a majority if your ticket sales happen well before the event starts or the week before, take this information and work together with your marketing team to ensure you’re well-equipped with social media posts, paid advertisements, or blogs to properly promote your event.

As a meeting planner, you can take it one step further and use trackable links like a Bit.ly to see what kind of marketing efforts pushed the most ticket sales so you know exactly where to put your time when it comes to marketing your event. If your event sign-ups are lagging, take the most effective marketing method to pump up event sign-ups.


2. Analytics can shine a light on how to staff your meeting and event.

Have you ever attended a meeting or event where there wasn’t enough staff to support it? For a meeting planner, watching the execution of your event suffer due to lack of staffing is something you never want to witness. Meeting planners could use historical data from previous year’s events to judge on how to staff an event but they could also use event app analytics to understand how attendees move about your event.

If you’ve used an event app to check-in your guests and attendees for a previous event, do a deep dive on the analytics to find out when your guests arrived. Did they arrive 15 – 30 minutes early? Did they arrive promptly at the event start time or did a majority of the guests stroll in after the event started? Knowing when guests arrive will help shed light on how you need to staff your registration table or when shift staff to support other areas of the event.


3. Event app analytics is the best tool for a meeting planner to understand where attendees engaged.

Attendees will use your event app throughout their time at the event: to help locate the sessions they want to attend, to schedule time with prospective clients, to network and connect with other attendees – the list goes on. Meeting planners can take a peek into the analytics in real time and gain a better understanding of two parts of your event: where your attendees engaged the most both in your app and at the event and how you can make immediate improvements in real time.

Are attendees clicking into the keynote speaker? Perhaps you want a little extra signage or staff members (see #2) to serve as human arrows to point attendees in the right direction. Are there hundreds of messages being sent over the app between attendees? Have speakers emphasize where and when networking breaks occur during the day’s event. Is there an error report you can export to understand where attendees were frustrated with the app experience? Work with your event app provider to overcome those hurdles for next year’s app so they can help you deliver a great event app experience alongside your live event.


Are there more reasons why a meeting planner should care about their event app analytics? Share them in the comments or let us know via Twitter @socialtables and @QuickMobile!


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