Maintaining Momentum After Your Event

Using Your Event App Post-Event

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The end of your event should not mean the end of engagement for your attendees.

As a resource and as a way for attendees to maintain the connections they made during the event, mobile event apps can very effectively help you to maintain the momentum of attendee engagement after the fact. By keeping the event fresh and relevant, an mobile event app can help create a more lasting impact and start generating a buzz for the next year.

The last two weeks, we’ve discussed how to Start Driving Engagement Before the Event, and How to Encourage Engagement During the Event.

In this final part of the blog series “Engagement at Every Stage,” we’ll explore how to use an event app to maintain engagement momentum and make a lasting impression once your event has concluded:

Keeping Attendees Engaged After the Fact

Maintaining a sustained level of activity in the app can remind attendees of what they experienced even as they settle back into the workplace, helping them to retain what they learned as well as encouraging them to reflect on their experiences.

One way to kickstart post-event app activity is to continue to update the content available to attendees—by uploading a highlights video, or encouraging attendees to share photos and anecdotes of their experiences. Setting up notifications to remind attendees of recommended post-event activities, such as surveys or polls, can drive them to visit the app.

Once they’re in the event app, seeing the activity will work to drive attendees to use the app and its resources for themselves. This creates a cycle of self-sustained activity that helps attendees to remain engaged long after they have checked out of the hotel.

Providing Attendees with Resources

A mobile event app is a great resource for attendees during an event—why not extend that to afterwards as well?

If attendees have continued access to articles and PDFs, for example, they will be encouraged to revisit the app in search of the instruction or information they received at the event.

Furthermore, profiles of other attendees, in-app messaging functions, and user generated photo galleries make it easy for attendees to follow-up on the networking connections that they made during the event. In-app messaging or forum features can allow attendees to continue the conversation, providing attendees the space and opportunities to share and discuss their experiences.

Not only does this make it easier for attendees to retain what they learned—thus increasing the impact of your event—it also encourages them to participate in the community and discussions they took part in creating.

One Tool, Endless Engagement

A mobile event app can be implemented to drive engagement at every stage of your event—before the attendees have stepped onto the show floor, while they are participating in the event, and even after they have left the venue.

With its versatile and customizable features, an event app can provide event professionals with the ability to communicate with attendees both directly and indirectly, facilitate networking and community building between attendees, and make stronger, more lasting connections between audiences and presenters.


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