4 Lessons Event Planners can Learn from Mean Girls

How to Make Your Next Event Totally Fetch

On this day 13 years ago, three iconic words were exchanged between Aaron Samuels and Cady Heron — “It’s October third”. For anyone living under a rock, the quote I am talking about is from the cult classic movie, Mean Girls. To honor this significant day in history, we’ve put together some fun lessons event planners can take away from Mean Girls.

Below are 4 tips to take your next event from ‘grool’ to ‘so fetch’.

WARNING: the following blog contains many hilarious references to Mean Girls. If you haven’t seen the movie, please do so before reading this blog! You can thank me later.


1. Communicate Regularly with Organizers & Vendors

In Mean Girls, Cady’s parents go out for the night leaving her home alone. This seems like the perfect opportunity to throw a small get together. She leaves it up to Gretchen and Karen to organize the guest list and invite people. Later that evening as people started arriving, Cady realizes way more people were invited than she had planned for, thus leaving her with not enough food for her guests. Had they all communicated better, Cady could have ensured she had enough food for everyone instead of only enough cheese and crackers to feed 8 people.

The takeaway: from caterers to custodial staff, it is important to communicate every single detail of an event in regards to your venue. Is there a capacity limit? Will the venue only work with certain vendors? Is there a kitchen staff, or will you need caterers? Knowing all these details ahead of time and being able to keep all organizers in the loop will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.


2. Provide Attendees with an Updated Venue Map

On Cady’s first day of school, she’s very unfamiliar with the layout of her school cafeteria. Everyone seems to have an assigned table but her, so she ends up eating in the bathroom. It isn’t until Damien and Janice provide her with a cafeteria map that she figures out where to sit at lunchtime, and where to avoid.

The takeaway: Depending on the size of your event venue, it can be confusing for attendees to get around on their own. Providing them with a map of the venue is crucial to ensure attendees don’t get lost or end up in the wrong place. A great way to do this is through interactive maps on your event app so attendees always have a map at their fingertips.


3. Manage & Track Session Registration

When Ms. Norbury is tasked with getting all the girls under control, she holds an emergency assembly for them. One of the bonding activities included the girls standing on a stage and asking for forgiveness from their fellow female classmates. One girl goes up and starts speaking, but Damien realizes she doesn’t even go to their school. Had there been a better attendance system in place, that rogue student wouldn’t have made it into their assembly.

The takeaway: When there are several smaller breakout sessions happening at the same time, it’s important to monitor who wants to attend to ensure the smaller rooms can accommodate everyone. Having a session registration system helps manage the number of people able to sign up for a breakout session, ensuring you don’t ‘oversell’ a session. People can register through your event app and get their badges scanned at the door, making sure only those who actually registered get priority.


4. Decide if There is a Dress Code

The Plastics have a lot of strange rules you have to follow in order to sit with them, like only wearing a ponytail once a week. But they’re very clear on what you can and can’t wear. For example, you can’t wear a tank top two days in a row and you can only wear jeans on Friday. If you break these rules, you can’t sit with The Plastics. This makes it easy for them to plan their outfits accordingly and never risk not fitting in.

The takeaway: is your event casual, formal, business-casual? Let your attendees know! It can be difficult for attendees to choose outfits for events. Some people like to wear suits, other people like to dress comfortably. But if there is a more professional air about your event, letting them know somewhere in the pre-event promotional material is key. Or, if it’s a summer event but the venue AC is quite chilly, send out a kind reminder to bring a hoodie (just in case).


Following the above 4 tips will be sure to make your next event so fetch, that even Regina will be impressed.

What other lessons can be learned from Mean Girls? Share any we’ve missed in the comments section, or by tweeting us @QuickMobile. We love a good Mean Girls joke!

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