Inspired Interaction: Do More with Your ARS Technology

The term ‘ARS’ (Audience Response System) typically conjures up images of handheld clickers and thoughts of multiple choice questions. A tried and true way to encourage audience participation during meetings and events, ARS technology has been a staple in meeting planners’ toolkits for decades. These days, it’s time to get inventive with interaction, not only by redefining what an audience response system is (think apps for your smartphone and tablet), but also by expanding their applications.

Check out the ideas below for a few examples of fun and innovative ways to do more with your ARS technology.

Promote meaningful networking

Encourage attendees to make valuable connections during your networking components by adding an interactive element. Assign each person a QR or barcode (print it on their badge for example), then when they meet one-on-one, they scan each other’s barcodes, enter a description of their conversation (which they can also reference later), and earn points for each interaction. Incentivize participation by awarding prizes to those with the most points.

Enhance exhibitors’ tradeshow traffic

If you plan an event that includes a tradeshow, you know how important it is to keep your exhibitors happy. Why not turn your expo into an interactive scavenger hunt? Attendees can scan a code at each booth, which brings them to a relevant trivia question about the exhibiting company or its services. This twist on the typical tradeshow not only helps to jump start conversations between exhibitors and attendees, but by awarding points for correct answers, it also encourages attendees to visit and scan as many booth codes as possible (especially if there is an awesome prize involved!)

Write a song, judge a competition – just have some fun!

While education, networking and tradeshow traffic are all important to the success of your event, sometimes you want to add an experience that simply serves to engage and entertain. Involve your attendees in an activity by having them write a song or judge a competition using ARS technology. Use messaging to crowdsource ideas for themes, genres and more, then make decisions or reveal winners by having the audience vote on their favorites.

These are just a few of the ways you can harness the power of new, more convenient and more advanced ARS technology to add some creativity and fun to your event. What are some creative ways you’ve used interactive technology at your events? Tweet us your favorites!