25 Ideas from Event Apps We Loved [SlideShare]

Get Inspired with these 5 Game-Changing Event Apps

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Because event apps have pretty much become a staple, it can be pretty difficult to make one that stands out. Beyond making sure that your event app supports your event strategy, it can feel like there’s not much else you can do with it.

Rather than just making your event app by rote, there are ways to use event apps to draw your attendees into the event and make sure they’re eager to participate.

Check out some of these show stopping event apps that we’ve loved, from companies like Microsoft and Citrix. Then check out the rest of this blog for some ideas inspired by them, that might be useful for your next event!


SlideShare: Best In Class Event Apps


Community Building

Microsoft helped bring their community of attendees together by giving them ways to exchange information and share experiences. More ideas for community building:

1. Start the event with a team building event
2. Set up a game in the event app to award points for adding contacts
3. Assign partners or groups for certain activities or sessions
4. Start a Twitter chat hashtag
5. Tweet at influential attendees to seed discussions


Experience Across Events

Citrix built threads of learning and discussion between “two-in-one” conferences by incentivizing learning and standardizing technology. Here’s how you can tie multiple events together:

6. Make a ‘past event takeaways’ blog as a refresher/introduction
7. Make a library of past content for attendees
8. Hold monthly Twitter chats to keep the conversations going
9. Use last year’s topic/theme as a starting point for planning this year’s
10. Host a webinar and invite past speakers to join a panel


Relevant, Engaging Content

COIN wanted to share engaging information, year round, and accomplished this with speedy updates and by focusing on relevant content. Here’s how you can get attendees to pay attention to your content:

11. Promote official social channels and update daily
12. Use your event apps notifications to push out important information ASAP
13. Invite attendees to comment and leave feedback
14. Ask attendees to share their thoughts, and respond
15. Stay in touch with a consistent newsletter


Make Networking Easy

Aptean integrated different data and registration systems to make sure attendees could seamlessly interact with whoever they wanted. Some ideas for behind-the-scenes ways to facilitate networking:

16. Organize social mixers by interest to help birds of a feather flock together
17. Give attendees relevant ice-breaker topics
18. Make the attendee list searchable and available to attendees
19. Set up profile matchmaking
20. Organize chairs in groups instead of rows during sessions


(Im)Prove ROI and Sponsorships

GRI made sure they were able to demonstrate ROI and show the value of sponsorships at their event by paying attention to key success indicators. Here’s how you can measure success at your next event:

21. Measure clicks to banner ads in event apps
22. Send targeted promotions to attendees in proximity of exhibitors
23. Set up surveys for exhibitors to see what was most effective
24. Sell ad space in event apps to generate revenue
25. Award points to attendees for checking in at exhibitor booths


Making your event apps bigger parts of your strategy not only helps improve the ROI of your event, but can also help you gather more insight and influence over what happens on the venue floor. Check out these 5 show-stopping event apps if you haven’t yet, and be sure to let us know of any you think deserve a spot on the list!


What are some of the best event apps you’ve encountered? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @QuickMobile!


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