How to Improve Employee Productivity at Meetings with Snacks

At QuickMobile, we are very driven by food. In fact, almost every day we have some type of event surrounding food. As an example, we recently celebrated National Chili Day on Feb. 23rd by having ‘The Great Chili Cookoff’. Every department served up a homemade batch of chili, and then we voted for the best.

Because we are such foodies here, we are firm believers that snacks improve day-to-day work tasks. Certain healthy snacks even boost brainpower, memory, and productivity!

I’ve put together this helpful guide showing how snacks can improve employee productivity at your next meeting:

Mental Alertness

Our ability to focus in meetings starts with an adequate supply of energy to the brain. Energy-boosting snacks contain whole grains – so it’s a great idea to have whole grain snacks available at meetings. These types of snacks improve mental alertness, translating to improved employee productivity. Added bonus? Popcorn contains whole grains!

Brain Function

Foods that contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene can greatly improve brain function. It’s important to have optimal brain function at a meeting so that employees are learning and understanding the information discussed. In addition, it allows them to not only listen to the meeting, but contribute as well. Lycopene-rich snacks that will boost employee productivity at your next meeting include cherry tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit, and red bell peppers.


It’s one thing to be present at a meeting, but that doesn’t mean your employees will remember what was talked about. Once a meeting is finished, its expected employees will put into action what was discussed, resulting in increased employee productivity. To ensure this happens, there are snacks that boost memory you can serve at meetings, such as blueberries, nuts, pumpkin seeds, or kale chips, to name a few.

Focus & Concentration

Accelerated blood flow throughout the body, and more importantly the brain, improves focus and concentration. This is especially handy to note for those lagging 3:00 PM meetings that not even a third cup of coffee can help get you through. With that being said, there are certain snacks containing nitrates that improve blood flow to the brain, such as beets and avocado. While it isn’t exactly convenient to serve either of those at meetings, it is convenient to serve beet chips and guacamole! Employee productivity at your meeting will skyrocket, and besides, who doesn’t love guacamole?

Serve up a fresh plate of employee productivity

I hope these ideas haven’t just made you hungry, but have given you some inspiration for fun ways you can improve productivity through the use of food. What are some ways you have improved productivity at meetings? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @QuickMobile!


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