How event apps boost your event marketing efforts

A day in the life of an event marketer

Not for the feint of heart, event marketing is hard. It is chaotic, intense, frenzied at times, and can sometimes feel utterly thankless. The five-second kudos during the closing remarks seems small compared to the months of tireless work that went into pulling off a great event.

And just when you have the agenda figured out, the food on order, the venues booked, the speakers signed up, and the entertainment on contract, you still have the daunting task of making sure the attendees have a great experience once they arrive.

They have to register, find their meeting rooms, visit the exhibitor hall (to keep your sponsors happy), make it to receptions on time, find their friends and peers, and so on. And if they aren’t able to do all of that with ease, you will hear about it in the event surveys, or worse, in tweets that circle the globe in mere seconds!

Event apps – every event marketers BFF

It’s not enough to plan and organize a flawless event, now event marketers are expected to deliver an unforgettable experience. So why not give each and every attendee the power to personalize and orchestrate their own experience? Event apps do just that.

Attendees can find their friends and network to make new ones, they can architect their schedule with intelligence at their fingertips, their voice can be heard through surveying and polling without raising hands or standing out in the crowd, and they will never miss a cocktail or keynote with maps, times, and locations in every purse and pocket.

Attendees will think you are cutting edge

Conference attendees. We’ve all been one. Paying a hefty fee to attend an event, taking valuable time out of the office, and watching the work pile up while we’re away. What if we could access the agenda in advance and create an extremely focused schedule, knowing exactly what we will see and whether it is relevant or not?

What if we could find and message people we want to meet while onsite and set up appointments before we even get there? What if we could give you our opinions and thoughts without having to stay behind to fill out forms and surveys? What if we packed all the right shoes and clothes because we knew in advance what kind of parties there are and how much walking we will do? And what if we could find the companies selling products and services we need to do our jobs better, and meet with them during breaks?

We would be happy attendees. Very happy. And we would think to ourselves, This was so worth it. I am coming back next year for sure!

Sponsors will L-O-V-E you

Vendors. Sellers. Sponsors. We’ve all been one. Footing the bill that makes the event possible, but relegated to the exhibit hall with abbreviated hours and optional attendance. What if we could make sure every attendee had access to the most recent brochure we created? And what if we could push out a message to every attendee, offering them chocolate bars at our booth between 3-6PM? What if every time an attendee looked at their agenda, they saw our logo? And what if people had to come to our booth to be part of a game with REALLY COOL prizes?

We would be happy vendors. Very happy. And we would think to ourselves, This sponsorship was worth every penny!

Corporate leaders will think you are a rock star!

Executives. Managers. Budget holders. We’ve all been one – or hope to be one someday. We are spending a shocking amount on this event when we could be spending it on other things like advertising, badly needed staff, rich content, or SEM. What if we knew that people valued our event? What if we knew that they were engaging with our speakers, content, and each other?

What if we could be sure that they are having a great experience with our brand? What if we were confident that they were getting the information they needed to make buying, partnering, and other decisions critical to our business growth? What if we could continue the conversation long after the closing remarks, and keep our valued audience talking to us? And what if we knew that attendees were happy and likely to come back next year?

We would be happy corporate leaders. Very happy. And we would think to ourselves, This was so worth it. I will budget for this again next year and make it even bigger!

Event apps are game changers

Event marketers know that the stakes get higher every year. Attendees want more. Sponsors want more. Leadership wants more. Befriend a mobile event app and surprise and delight everyone at your next meeting or event. QuickMobile is the official app provider at this year’s CEMA Summit 2013 in “hot” Las Vegas. Visit us in the Marketplace and let us give you a test drive of some of the most exciting, widely used mobile event apps the industry has ever seen!