4 Ways Having an Event App can Save Money

Event apps have gone from being a ‘wow’ factor at an event to being expected. Almost every event will have an app. We all know having an event app benefits the attendee, but what benefit does it have to an event prof? For starters, having an event app can actually save you money. Here’s how:


Make paper resources digital

The cost of printing schedules, maps, speaker information and more adds up quickly. Having an event app can completely eliminate the need to do any of that, as all this information is housed on the app. Prior to having an event app, almost all information had to be printed. Not only is this bad for the environment, it’s inconvenient for both the attendee and an event prof. Plus, we love trees.


Provide cost effective in-app entertainment

Keeping attendees preoccupied in between sessions is important. But if you don’t have a large budget to work with for an event, having lots of things to do between sessions may not be possible. Enter: gamification. You can host an entire game through your event app. Gamification allows attendees to take certain actions to gain points. For example, for every tradeshow booth an attendee visits, they get points. Or you can encourage them to use in-app features such as photo sharing by allotting points for each time a photo is uploaded to the event app.


Avoid expensive mistakes or changes

Once the program is printed, event profs can breathe a sigh of relief right? Not entirely… What if changes need to be made to the schedule after its already printed? Or, even worse, a mistake was made? I mean, we’re only human. Having to pay to print everything twice could suck up contingency budget. However, if any changes need to be made on your event app, it’s as simple as updating it in real-time and pushing it out, no extra cost whatsoever.


Gain valuable insight for the next event

An event app can save you a great deal of money (and time!) on attendee research. With live polling and surveys, event profs can get real-time results which take the guesswork out of what attendees want. Post-event surveys are a great way to get instant feedback from attendees to apply to next years event.


Having an event app is valuable on so many levels, both to the attendee and event profs. But ultimately, throwing a spectacular event while saving money is the goal, and having an event app will help achieve this. To save money on your next event, request a personalized demo with one of our product specialists. Or tweet us at @QuickMobile.


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