Gamification Lessons from JiveWorld 2013

By 2015, more than 50% of the world’s largest organizations will be using gamification. However, when it comes to engaging your attendees, it should be about more than just fun and games.

One great example to learn from is our client, Jive Software, who held their annual JiveWorld conference in October. The event app had a gamified module that combined physical and digital challenges that, as JiveWorld attendee Roguen Keller explains, “invited me to do more at the conference and [establish] some unlikely and incredible relationships along the way.”

In our October webinar on Event App Gamification, we stressed how important it is to create a game that meets your business and event objectives, but also keeps in mind the core motivations and player types of your audience.

Ryan Rutan is Jive Software’s Community Marketing Manager and played a pivotal role in shaping JiveWorld 2013. In his article, “To Gamify or Not to Gamify…For Conferences, There is No Question,” he shared the goals and strategy for the event app game series:

  • Increase mobile app downloads for the event: 100% YOY
  • Increase social activity and reach: 100% YOY
  • Amplify conference differentiation, networking opportunities and loyalty (Qualitative)

He also outlined the core principles of the game:

  • Zero Effort Entry – make it so that players don’t even realize they’re playing until they’ve got their stake in the game
  • Compounded Return on Investment – games should inspire attendees to take the next step or improve their overall chances
  • Always Something to Play For – there should always be a prize and a clear understanding of how to obtain it

As you can see, the JiveWorld team had very defined goals and success metrics, as well as a strong understanding of what game elements were needed to encourage JiveWorld attendees to play. This resulted in a highly successful game, a goal-shattering number of app downloads, and a better conference experience for attendees.

If you’re thinking of incorporating gamification into your next event app, definitely give Rutan’s post a read (he also includes three lessons learned from his experience).


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