Product Update: Biometric Login

The new way to access an event app

QuickMobile announces a new security feature that makes app access even faster. With a single touch, logging in happens in one natural motion. Best of all, a fingerprint is the perfect password. No one can ever guess it and attendees always have it with them.

A simple touch

It couldn’t be easier! Attendees can now access their event app via a mobile device’s built-in fingerprint scanner. In order to adhere to common security practices, an attendee must initially log into the event app using their assigned username and password. Afterwards, attendees can regain access to the app, following a close or shutdown, by launching the app and holding their fingertip over the device’s fingerprint scanner (the home button on an iPhone). If the fingerprint is recognized as one of the stored prints in the device, access is immediately granted to the event app.

No setup, other than the device’s fingerprint registration process is required for the biometric scan. This is of little consequence since most device owners have already completed that process.

Attendees who prefer to use fingerprint access for their device but not for the event app can shut it off in their profile configuration.

First to market

QuickMobile is the first event app vendor to bring biometric login, as a security feature, into the meetings and events market. With a strong commitment to enterprise-grade security and a hassle-free attendee experience, this latest release redefines the corporate event app for meeting organizers. By adding heightened security provided by biometric scanning, meeting organizers can ensure the safety and security of their event’s content.

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